Monday, July 10, 2017

Cherry Blossoms and Sunday Best

There was a break in the rain and some beautiful cherry blossoms calling me name, so I quickly put my kids in their Sunday best and we went and took some pictures at a neighbor's house. It was a little crazy (the car alarm went off and it took me several minutes to find my keys and stop the alarm and Isabella forgot her shoes???), but it always is a little crazy. I'm just happy to live in a day and age where it's possible to have so many pictures of kids. I love them so.
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Friday, June 17, 2016

I Love My Kids!

For the longest time I used to think that my kids were the hardest people ever to take pictures of... they just didn't seem to want to cooperate! But I think I've relaxed a bit and they're finally recognizing that the quicker they cooperate, the quicker we're done! And I think they love seeing the end result, so they get more into it. Plus Charlie is such a dream when it comes to pictures. If I ask him to show me his smile, he flashes me the most genuine smiles imaginable.

Liam's baptism is what prompted this photoshoot. I really wanted a picture for his baptism invitations, but I also wanted to take pictures of all the kids. So anyway, I don't know that this urban-ish location was the best fit for "baptism" pictures, but I was desperate for a spot and this one just jumped out at me and I'm really happy with how they turned out!
ILJCGreyWall2016-25WebILJCGreyWall2016-3Web ILJCGreyWall2016-18Web ILJCGreyWall2016-36Web ILJCGreyWall2016-2Web ILJCGreyWall2016-10Web ILJCGreyWall2016-1Web ILJCGreyWall2016-27Web ILJCGreyWall2016-4Web ILJCGreyWall2016-37Web ILJCGreyWall2016-5Web ILJCGreyWall2016-22BWWeb ILJCGreyWall2016-7Web ILJCGreyWall2016-28BWWeb ILJCGreyWall2016-6Web ILJCGreyWall2016-15Web

Friday, April 22, 2016

Navy Museum!

This little museum exceeded my expectations! We had a blast going there with Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Tracy... the kids didn't want to leave! We will have to go back sometime soon, and maybe hit up the nearby fountain park while we're at it!
NavyMuseum2016-15BremertonNavyMuseum2016-2 NavyMuseum2016-12 NavyMuseum2016-18 NavyMuseum2016-3 NavyMuseum2016-6 NavyMuseum2016-16 NavyMuseum2016-7 NavyMuseum2016-11 NavyMuseum2016-10 NavyMuseum2016-13 BremertonNavyMuseum2016-1 NavyMuseum2016-17

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tender Mercies and Liam's Baptism Day

What a special thing it is to witness your child choosing to do as Jesus did and be baptized. Liam is such a tender, sweet and good boy. We absolutely adore him and are so thankful for his example of humility and sincerity. He's just a young boy, but there is such depth to his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I love him all the more for it.

When he came home after his baptism he just kept saying what a wonderful day it was and that he wished he could relive it. It made me really happy to see him so happy.

I was also overwhelmed by the tender mercies of a loving Heavenly Father who helped me in my preparations for the baptism. It was such a busy week with company arriving and whatever else (I honestly don't remember everything-ha!) that it was hard for me to stay on top of things. Luckily, I was blessed to have amazing family right by my side and dear friends to help me in my forgetfulness, as well as save the day when I encountered last-minute hangups (broken printer). And to all of the children who sang "The Miracle" with Liam, I'll be forever thankful. The music was so touching! All in all, I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude for all the help and support we received in both preparing Liam for baptism, as well for the help we received with the "extras" that made his day all the more special.

God really is in the details of our lives.
  Liam'sBaptism2016-1IMG_9628Liam'sBaptism2016 Liam'sBaptism2016-2 IMG_9690Liam'sBaptism2016 Liam'sBaptism2016-3 Liams Baptism Program Karen Changed

Monday, March 28, 2016


I don't know that there will ever be a day that I'm not playing catch-up here on the blog. In my dream world, I am way more current in my postings. Until then, I'll keep doing my best. With my personal photos, I've been editing in Lightroom lately... trying to figure out that program in hopes that it'll speed up my editing process. I'm such a slow-poke when it comes to editing. We'll see if LR helps.

But without further ado, here is a peek into what our Easter looked like this year:

(We also had a family birthday celebration for our March birthdays on Easter!)

untitled shoot-005 Easter2016-4 untitled shoot-004 Easter2016-1 untitled shoot-006 Easter2016-3 untitled shoot-014 Easter2016-9 untitled shoot-015 Easter2016-10 untitled shoot-034 Easter2016-5 untitled shoot-040 Easter2016-17 untitled shoot-046 Easter2016-6 untitled shoot-047 Easter2016-12 untitled shoot-052 Easter2016-13 Easter2016-15 Easter2016-16 untitled shoot-053 Easter2016-7 untitled shoot-054 Easter2016-14 untitled shoot-055 Easter2016-8 untitled shoot-058 Easter2016-11



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