Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Big Hike of 2007

At 6:30am yesterday morning Magnet and I decided to go on a hike with our friends. We had been invited the night prior, but just didn't know if Isabella could handle sitting in the backpack for 5+ hours on a 10-mile hike round trip. But early the next morning we called our friends and told them to count us in. Here's what happened: after about an hour my knee starts killing me and I'm wondering why I agree to such madness when I know my knees are shot and I'm going to be limping for days afterward. I really think I need a knee replacment before I can do long-distance hikes and jogs. It truly depresses me.
In the meantime, Maggie insists on leaning to the far right side of the backpack so that she can see the beautiful scenery--waterfalls, mountains, and thick forest. She loved it. (Will was a little lopsided and uncomfortable.) She sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," her version of the ABCs, and would holler, "monkey madness!" whenever she thought of it. She did this for five hours! I was amazed and so thankful that she was enjoying herself so much. Without her sweet little voice and the beautiful scenery, I would have been completely miserable.
I will never go on a big hike like that again--not because I don't enjoy that sort of thing, but because I was waddling like a gimp the entire trek and I'm in so much pain today. It does my body more harm than good. I guess Maggie should have been the least of my worries.

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  1. So pretty! But that's too bad about your knees!




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