Friday, October 26, 2007


Maggie has seemed ready for the past month or so to start potty training. I thought. Actually, I thought I was the one holding us up. I just wasn't quite ready for accidents and all that jazz. Well, today I caught her doing the thing she does when she poos (I hope I'm not grossing anyone out), and so we ran to the potty and made it in time for her to finish the job in the toilet. Well, after we cleaned up she refused to put on a new diaper, so for some reason I decided it was time for her to wear the pretty princess panties she's been begging me to let her wear for weeks.

That was around noon. She's had SEVEN accidents since then!! I don't think she's ready after all, but it seems like I heard somewhere that once you start there's no looking back or you're just going to make it worse for yourself. Is that true? I have all these potty training books on hold at the library, but I just jumped the gun for some reason. We're going to the library first thing tomorrow to pick them up. haha

As if that weren't enough of a milestone, I finished the patchwork duvet cover I've been making for Maggie today. The poor little girl has probably been wonderin' if I'd ever finish. I've been a slave to it ever since we moved in. Similar to the cute way she begged me to let her wear her big girl panties, she's been beggin me to let her sleep in her big bed. I've been telling her for the past two weeks that she could sleep in it when I finished her duvet cover. It just so happens that I finished it tonight, and she noticed and wasn't about to let me back out of my promise, soooo as of about a half-hour ago she's been sleeping in her big bed with her duvet cover.
I can't believe I'm jumping into these two big toddler milestones in the same day! Agh!!


  1. wow--you make quilts too?!! It's beautiful! Good luck with the potty stuff--Carter has no interest whatsoever at the moment, but I know I'm going to have to bite the bullet sometime--let me know which books you find helpful!

  2. Did I know you were a seamstress? Certainly not or I would have taken extreme advantage of that talent when I lived w/ you. Maybe you're just a good secret keeper! :)

  3. Marie,
    That is such a beautiful duvet! You are amazing!

  4. what talent!! cute cover! Good luck with the potty training!




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