Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've been tagged!

Nicki tagged me, so I have to think of six random tid-bits about myself and then tag six more people. Here's what I've come up with:

1. I hate calling people. I love being called, and I like to talk on the phone, but I hate dialing the digits. It's weird. There are a few exceptions to that. I do like to call my family, my husband and a few friends, but mostly I hate it. It's ironic that I was a print journalism major since I had to call all kinds of people for interviews. It stretched me and made me get better at calling people, but I still don't like it.

2. I think families with children that are all one gender are adorable. I would love to have all girls. I hate to say that because I could very well have a little boy on the way, which would be totally wonderful, too, but I really like the idea of having all girls. If I had had a boy first, I'm sure I would have loved all boys...well, I don't know about that. I am kind of a girlie-girl. We'll just see what happens; we find out the gender next Friday!!

3. I love cold cereal. I eat a bowl every morning and every night. My theory for why I like cereal so much is because it's the easiest thing on the planet to fix, it's not terribly unhealthy, and if it weren't for cereal, I wouldn't drink milk, and I need my calcium.

4. I really love to write, although I'm very chicken about it. I always hesitate to publicize this hobby of mine because then I feel like if I ever write something, like now for instance, people will analyze how well-written or not it is. I rarely-rarely-rarely let people read what I've written unless I think it's absolutely perfect first, which it never is. But I make myself tell people what I'm working on so they'll follow up on my progress. Right now I have 80 pages of a novel under my wing and it's been at 80 pages for several months now. It was my new year's resolution to finish a rough draft of a novel by the year's end. Maybe this will get me plugging along again because it's almost the end of the year!

5. If I could change one physical feature about myself it would be my hair. I have never liked my hair and I despise it now more than ever because ever since I had Isabella it's gone even more psycho on me. It's been a life-long bugger. I didn't even start growing hair until I was two. (Imagine Isabella without hair right now. Yikes!) Then I hit puberty and an ugly perm never grew out. I don't mean to complain. Luckily my hair is fixable. It just takes a lot of time to get it to look normal. That's why it's always up!
Something I wouldn't change about myself is my profile. I like it.

6. Ah, number six. Not to sound regretful, but one of the things I'd go back and do again if I could is I would go to German school like the rest of my genius trilingual siblings instead of the American military high school. I hate explaining to everyone I meet that I'm from Germany but I'm not fluent in German. All I can say for myself is that I can get around. Whatever that means. It's made me dread the "where are you from" question when I should enjoy it because it's pretty cool to say that Heidelberg is home. Instead it just ends up being embarrassing.
That's it!

(Thanks, Nicki. That was fun!)

Now I tag Melissa, Amy, Kandis, Wendy, Amanda and Heather!


  1. Thanks for responding - I LOVED reading those fun facts about you!! I am the SAME way about calling - that's so funny - and I am looking forward to your novel! That's great! I also feel like you when people ask where I grew up and I tell them that I spent most of my life in Germany - but no - I am not fluent. I know enough to shop and travel but that is it! Oh well.. - love ya!

  2. I couldn't agree more about the cold cereal. There is just something so satisfying with a bowl of cereal. Oh and I understand completely about the Germany thing. I have the added bonus of being half German and still not being fluent. But hey even if we aren't fluent, growing up in Germany is still the best. :)

  3. Marie,
    Your Blog is so addicting. I need to go to sleep, so can take care of my too little ones later today. But I can't stop reading. Let me know when you finsh your book, I want to read it. You are a great writer! I never knew your perm didn't growing out at puberty, same thing happened to me! I have disliked my hair since. Thank goodness for straighteners!




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