Friday, November 2, 2007

It's a BOY!!

Sooo, now that I've publicized to the world that I would love to have all girls, I get to announce how wrong I was about that. After seeing little Magson during our 45-minute ultrasound today, I'm in love and HE'S so what I want. I can't wait for him to get here!

I couldn't believe how well we got to see his cute little face, and Maggie couldn't stop saying "baby brother!" through the entire thing. I wish I had a scanner so I could post an ultrasound pic, but oh well.

I've also been wanting to "tag" Maggie and write six random things about her since she's got such a budding personality and I've been slacking with her baby book and journaling lately.

1. This girl wakes up every morning and asks me if we're going shopping. She loves to shop! I don't have any problem taking her shopping with me; in fact, it's usually more fun when she's around because she likes to give me her opinion, and she truly has an opinion about the things I buy. Today we were in TJ Maxx on the hunt for maternity clothes and she wasn't in a cart. (Bad idea, but she was loving every second.) Anyway, she ran up to me with the cutest shirt and said, "Mommy, I like this one." I said, "Me too!" And we bought it. She also likes to point out random things in the house and ask me where I got them. She usually says something like, "Did you get that at Wal-mart?" or "Did you get that at Target?" It's funny.

2. Maggie is the best sleeper! I can count on one hand the times she has fussed about going to bed. I love it. We do our thing--jammies, brush, stories, prayer and a few lullabies--and it's goodnight! Usually she entertains herself for ten minutes or so after I'm gone by singing and reading to herself.

3. Maggie has a quiet confidence about her. Will and I love to observe how when she gets around other kids who aren't into sharing (a phase she's fast-approaching, I'm sure) she just shrugs it off and goes and finds something else to play with. It's kind of hard to explain, but even her nursery leader from our Poulsbo ward told me how Isabella just has this natural confidence about her and really doesn't let others get to her.

4. My favorite physical feature about my girl is her smile. She has a killer smile and beautiful lips.

5. She loves jumping on our little mini-tramp. I've taught her how to do tuck jumps, straddle jumps and jump full turns. She likes to get on it and have me dictate which jumps to do and then we switch and she tells me which jumps to do. It's pretty fun, but it's getting harder to jump like that while pregnant.

6. Finally, Maggie is very polite! But she doesn't completely grasp when to say what, either that or she's prompting me to say thank you all the time. For example, she does something nice or hands me something while saying, "Thank you, mommy!" She also says, "I wanna hold you, Mommy" when she wants me to hold her. It makes me laugh. :)


  1. Congrats on the boy! Bella sounds like she's not short on personality thats for sure. What a cutie pie!

    And the blanket in that pic on my blog didn't come w/ the chair, my lil sis made it for me. She is quite the little seamstress as well!

  2. Marie congrats on your boy!! That is really exciting. Bella sounds like a doll. You guys must be awesome parents !

  3. Congratulations!!! Boys are sooooo fun! :) You know, Reed was like Isabella confidence-wise. If someone took a toy from him, he'd just look at them and walk away. (Of course now he's a little different.)I love that you do stuff with her on the trampoline!! That sounds so sweet. I love reading your blog--it's always uplifting!

  4. Congrats! I agree with Rae, boys are super fun, course I'm biased. :) Liam is a way cute name as well. Is it short for William?

  5. CONGRATS on the baby boy!!!! LOVE the name!!!!!! Thanks for including that cute tag about your cute girl! It feels like I know her and I have not even seen her! What a cute mom you are!!! (must have been all those beautiful lessons you got in Young Women :) ) - just kidding!! I know it is because you have a fabulous mom -(I love her!) and you are pretty fantabulous as well! FAB FAM indeed!! love ya!!

  6. Marie,

    I'm so excited for you. Of course, I've become a little biased with two boys on the way! It's so fun to get all of your updates. You have such a cute family...Bella is darling! Hope the pregnancy continues to go well for you.

    Amy Jo

  7. Yay! Congrats Marie and will! I was a little freaked out to find that Spencer was a boy. But it has been okay so far!=) He is a great baby. Lots of fun. You will be a great mom for two. It is difficult and sometimes you want to kill the older one, but it is great too! Congrats on being published. I want to take more time to write so I can have that accomplishment!




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