Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving with Aunt Lulu

I am so thankful that my sister Lauren got to spend Thanksgiving with us this year. It was a blast to have a shopping buddy and someone to watch chic flicks with. We may have done a little too much shopping, however, because the other night when Maggie was trying to think of three things she's thankful for during her bedtime prayers she said, "Thank Thee for Woo Woo (Lauren), Thank Thee for shopping, and Thank Thee for Target!" I was laughing so hard.

Lauren also helped me pick out some fun new glasses, which I don't have a picture of yet. But I do have a picture of the fun "fake" glasses I also got. Who knew my head was miniature? The optomitrist lady insisted I needed glasses from the children's section! I was very reluctant at first, but found some cute ones. Plus the kids' frames were much cheaper.

Lauren also took our family Christmas picture for us. They turned out cute, although Maggiewas acting like a overworked model in most of them, closing her eyes because she was "sleepy" and refusing to look into the camera. That girl!


  1. Marie! I've been told the same thing in regards to glasses. Because the bridge of my nose is so thin, the kids glasses work SO much better. I was really skeptical too, but it's so nice to have glasses that fit. :)

  2. Yeah, it IS nice to have glasses that fit. I'm glad I'm not the only one sporting kid frames. :)

  3. Love the Christmas pics! (and the glasses... You're gorgeous!)

  4. Marie, those are SUCH cute pictures! What a beautiful family. Cute glasses--I have the same issue, kids' size fits better....

    Will you send me your Christmas card/letter/whatever it is you send this year? I'll give you my snail mail address!

  5. cute family pictures!!!!!! - and Lauren is so grown up now! That was fun that she got to spend it with you! Bella - I am thankful for Target too!!! (Funny!) - you look so cute in your fun glasses!! You always look cute anyway!!

  6. Awesome family pictures!! You guys look great.

  7. Marie-I love your blog! How is Lauren doing? What is her email address? I would love to hear from her. And what is your new home address so I can send you a Christmas card. Your family is ADORABLE!




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