Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This doesn't happen very often...

If you see a copy of the Nov/Dec issue of LDS Living Magazine check out my article, "Christmas Card Craze! Or click here to read it online! It's about Christmas cards. I get so excited when I get published because, like I said, it doesn't happen very often!

PS. I've had one other article published in this magazine if you're interested in more: "What I Wish I Would Have Known For My First Pregnancy."

Also, we took Maggie to the Seattle Temple for the first time on Saturday and she loved it. She kept calling the Angel Moroni a little baby. It was funny and just fun to be there with her.


  1. Hey - Congrats on the article! I will look for it asap! That is so cool! Cute pic of your fam -
    BTW - I miss you too!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You published! Congrats!!

    Hooray for a baby boy. I've never had a girl, but I must say that boys are a riot. So fun!!

    And good job on making the schnitzel! I'm sure it will be better next time :)

  3. Hey - i just did a search on their website and you have 2 other articles on there too!! How cool is that?!?!?!?! - you go girl!!

  4. Congratulations, Marie!! (I've never yet been published anywhere of consequence, so I'm green with envy but soooo happy for you!)

  5. Nicki--you can see it online? How did you find it? Everything I'm trying isn't working.

  6. No, you can't find it online yet. If you search for Marie Gross at lDSlivingmagazine.com you can find two previous stories of mine, but not the most recent one. At least I haven't been able to find it on there.

  7. Congrats on your article that is soo cool!!!




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