Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our Christmas Week

One of my favorite things about our Christmas was that it snowed on Christmas Day. From what I understand, that's a rarity in WA. (Note the snow in our backyard in the picture below.) Also, Maggie loved the dress we bought her. She calls it her Cinderella dress. But what makes me smile even more is that her favorite present from Santa was a bottle of toothpaste. Don't ask me why; it's the same type of kid toothpast we've been using for as long as I can remember, but for some reason that's what she got the most excited about. I just thought it was endearing.

She loved everything she got but below is a picture of her swimming in her Strawberry Shortcake bubbles and a little piece of her tub artwork that she made with her new bathtub crayons. (I'm not sure that was the smartest purchase on my part. It takes more effort than I'd like to clean up the tub when she's done bathing, but she seems to love them.)

Finally, we're about done with Maggie's room. There are a few more pictures to be hung and little things like that, but I'm done sewing. Hallelua! Magnet's mom spotted a bed on craigslist that matches the rest of her furniture perfectly! We love it!! And Magnet's Dad surprised us this week with a bookshelf he painted white to match her bedroom furniture and house all her books. Before they were in a pile in the corner. Thanks Grandpa Billy and Grandma Rise!

My Great Day

Just a little tip: don't go shoe shopping in boots when you're six months pregnant. It's hard to get boots on and off and it's simply not fun bending over that frequently.

But on to my great day. We went shopping and miraculously flew through the return lines. Five or six stores later Magnet took Maggie to his parent's house and put her down for a nap while I proceeded to spend about three hours in the mall. I spent the first two leisurly hitting all the shops and some great sales without feeling rushed. It was SO nice! I can't remember the last time I went shopping alone at so much leisure. Then for the last hour I sat in a really comfy chair at Barnes and Noble and inhaled the beginnings of a few books. The first one left me exhaling in disappointment (too much swearing for my taste), but the second has me holding my breath; I'm headed to the library ASAP to check it out. At 6pm Magnet and Maggie picked me up from Barnes and Noble and we went to Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate his aunt's wedding. (Congratulations Aunt Julie and Uncle Ray!!!)

Oh, and I also got my haircut today, so I just feel totally spoiled! And one more Olive Garden we had their raspberry cheesecake. Yummmmmm.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Advent Calendars Rock!

Grandma Lisa sent Maggie the greatest advent calendar to count down the days 'til Christmas. (I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!) Every morning before breakfast Maggie can't wait to open her chocolate and see what picture is on it. It's even made for some tears when she can't open more than one in a day. The advent calendar is actually on top of the fridge now because one day when I wasn't looking she ripped out an entire row of chocolates. "Sorry, Mom" was all she had to say for herself with a grin. :)

Happy 29th Birthday, Magnet!

Will turned 29 for the second year in a row on Thursday! I know, I know. That's impossible. What happened was I thought he was turning 29 last year and even had him convinced. But when Nick, Magnet's best friend from high school, overheard Magnet telling a crowd that he was turning 29 when he was really turning 28, Nick announced, "You're not gonna be 29, Magnet!" We quickly did the math and realized Nick was right. Magnet loved the idea of gaining an entire year of his life back. We laugh about it all the time.

Anyway, a big happy birthday to the best husband in the world!! I don't have any great pictures because our camera batteries were dead when I needed them to be alive, but here's a cute one of him and Maggie on his big day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tinkerbell Conked Out

Twice in the last few days Maggie has gotten out of bed, planted herself on the stairs and conked out. Last time Magnet found her and put her in bed (she was going down for the night). Today it happened during her nap time so I took some pictures and let her finish out her nap on the stairs. Crazy girl! I think she had a hard time going down for her nap today because I told her she couldn't watch a Dora movie we checked out from the library until after she woke up.

Also, notice that she is now dressing herself and doing her own hair--mix-matched socks, Rambo hair-do, and her Tinkerbell t-shirt that she refuses to let me wash because she wants to wear it every day and night. It's become a real battle and I have to sneak it into the washing machine after distracting her.

Also, I found it amusing that Magnet got her to do several things she didn't want to do this evening (like clean up the sea of books on her bedroom floor) by challenging her to do it as fast as Tinkerbell, and saying things like, "Tinkerbell loves helping Peter Pan; can you help me clean up these books?" It totally worked. Aw, my little Tink.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum!

One of the Christmas tree farms up here sets up shop on a piece of Flowers to Go property every year, so every year Magnet's parent's get two free fresh-cut Christmas trees. Both last year and this year we've been the lucky recipients of a free tree, but we lost our coupon this year!

I've been so distraught over losing it, even though I'm not sure it was my fault. I've searched the house high and low and have no idea where it disappeared to. Maggie has probably found a great hiding place for it. Who knows, but Magnet surprised us and brought home a Christmas tree last night! I guess the tree people believed his story about his upset wife and they gave him a tree for free. We had so much fun decorating it last night! I need to crochet quite a few more snowflakes, though. Will's grandma made all the ones on there right now. Aren't they beautiful??

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Storm

I'm feeling a little ignorant and bad about teasing Washingtonians about their reaction to snowy weather in my last post. I failed to mention that I had my eyes covered in the car on the way home from Poulsbo Saturday night because people were slipping and sliding everywhere on the roads. This storm that hit has actually been really bad and I hope that everyone who has suffered from the flooding and power outtages are managing OK. We don't have television and so I haven't been keeping up with it in the news. This morning I read the news online and was shocked to hear how bad it's been!

I think everyone who's been staying indoors is smart!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

"Snowed In"

It's funny how Washingtonians react to any amount of snow: time freezes and nobody does anything or goes anywhere until it stops. (I'm exaggerating, a little.) A couple of inches on the ground this morning got church cancelled for us. We got word just as I was tying Maggie's bow in her hair. I was disappointed, and Maggie was really disappointed she wouldn't be going to nursery, but we enjoyed a quiet day at home.

Watching the giant snowflakes float against our kitchen window has helped me soak up the season this past weekend. Between jammin' to Raffi's Christmas album with Maggie to decorating the house, it's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! It's so fun to hear Maggie run back and forth between our two nativities shouting "Merry Christmas!" She likes to hide baby Jesus in all sorts of random places (like buckled into her carseat!). It makes me nervous, but she always seems to remember where she last put him. Anyway, our house really feels like home and so magical at this time of year. When we came in the house after being out and about in the snow storm yesterday it felt so good to step inside our cozy home. I just love it!

Well, we're headed into a party-packed week with three Christmas parties to go to! It's insane how dead last week was compared to how busy this week will be, that is, if it doesn't snow!

Below is a picture of Maggie helping me make Christmas cookies this afternoon. They taste a lot better than they look! It was a spontaneous endeavor and we were lacking some necessary supplies like a rolling pin, cutesy decorations and my mom's to-die-for recipe. Next time. Don't worry, we didn't gift a plate of these Smurf-looking things to our new neighbors. :)



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