Sunday, December 2, 2007

"Snowed In"

It's funny how Washingtonians react to any amount of snow: time freezes and nobody does anything or goes anywhere until it stops. (I'm exaggerating, a little.) A couple of inches on the ground this morning got church cancelled for us. We got word just as I was tying Maggie's bow in her hair. I was disappointed, and Maggie was really disappointed she wouldn't be going to nursery, but we enjoyed a quiet day at home.

Watching the giant snowflakes float against our kitchen window has helped me soak up the season this past weekend. Between jammin' to Raffi's Christmas album with Maggie to decorating the house, it's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! It's so fun to hear Maggie run back and forth between our two nativities shouting "Merry Christmas!" She likes to hide baby Jesus in all sorts of random places (like buckled into her carseat!). It makes me nervous, but she always seems to remember where she last put him. Anyway, our house really feels like home and so magical at this time of year. When we came in the house after being out and about in the snow storm yesterday it felt so good to step inside our cozy home. I just love it!

Well, we're headed into a party-packed week with three Christmas parties to go to! It's insane how dead last week was compared to how busy this week will be, that is, if it doesn't snow!

Below is a picture of Maggie helping me make Christmas cookies this afternoon. They taste a lot better than they look! It was a spontaneous endeavor and we were lacking some necessary supplies like a rolling pin, cutesy decorations and my mom's to-die-for recipe. Next time. Don't worry, we didn't gift a plate of these Smurf-looking things to our new neighbors. :)


  1. I so jealous of the snow. There is just something weird about walking into your house with 80 degree weather and the ac still on. That's Texas for you. And I think your cookies look yummy. You can never go wrong with a cookie.

  2. Cute post! We usually have one Sunday a season where church is cancelled - it's a strange feeling - anyway, cookie baking sounds like fun and Isabella looks like she was enjoying every bit of it! Congrats on your first Christmas in your own home!! Sounds cozy!

  3. I like your blue Smurf cookies. :) Don't you love a warm house in the middle of snow falling?




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