Saturday, December 8, 2007

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum!

One of the Christmas tree farms up here sets up shop on a piece of Flowers to Go property every year, so every year Magnet's parent's get two free fresh-cut Christmas trees. Both last year and this year we've been the lucky recipients of a free tree, but we lost our coupon this year!

I've been so distraught over losing it, even though I'm not sure it was my fault. I've searched the house high and low and have no idea where it disappeared to. Maggie has probably found a great hiding place for it. Who knows, but Magnet surprised us and brought home a Christmas tree last night! I guess the tree people believed his story about his upset wife and they gave him a tree for free. We had so much fun decorating it last night! I need to crochet quite a few more snowflakes, though. Will's grandma made all the ones on there right now. Aren't they beautiful??


  1. What a gorgeous tree! (And what a gorgeous little girl sitting next to it.)

  2. I am so glad to hear that other mom's lose things. We've been searching EVERYWHERE for our cell phone for the last 10 days. I think Miles threw it away. Plus I've misplaced 2 other things this week and still haven't found them! You go bonkers trying to find things with toddlers in the house (ok, maybe it's part my fault too:) -wendy

  3. My husband says I lose things all the time, I just wish I had a child old enough I could blame on them! :) I guess I am just crazy sometimes. Sounds like you guys have been doing good. Thanks for posting and updating me on your family. It's so exciting your having another baby, you're such a cute mom. Do you keep in touch with Clair?

  4. I am crazy when I misplace things too - but I am glad that you still got your tree! It's simply beautiful! If you wanted more snowflakes - they had some cute crocheted ones at Michaels with a shimmery finish to them - they would tie in your beautiful handmade ones and your gorgeous tree skirt!! Sparkly!!

  5. It is a beautiful tree!! I love the snowflakes.




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