Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our Christmas Week

One of my favorite things about our Christmas was that it snowed on Christmas Day. From what I understand, that's a rarity in WA. (Note the snow in our backyard in the picture below.) Also, Maggie loved the dress we bought her. She calls it her Cinderella dress. But what makes me smile even more is that her favorite present from Santa was a bottle of toothpaste. Don't ask me why; it's the same type of kid toothpast we've been using for as long as I can remember, but for some reason that's what she got the most excited about. I just thought it was endearing.

She loved everything she got but below is a picture of her swimming in her Strawberry Shortcake bubbles and a little piece of her tub artwork that she made with her new bathtub crayons. (I'm not sure that was the smartest purchase on my part. It takes more effort than I'd like to clean up the tub when she's done bathing, but she seems to love them.)

Finally, we're about done with Maggie's room. There are a few more pictures to be hung and little things like that, but I'm done sewing. Hallelua! Magnet's mom spotted a bed on craigslist that matches the rest of her furniture perfectly! We love it!! And Magnet's Dad surprised us this week with a bookshelf he painted white to match her bedroom furniture and house all her books. Before they were in a pile in the corner. Thanks Grandpa Billy and Grandma Rise!

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  1. I love what an amazing mom/homemaker you are--I have so much to learn! Bella's room looks awesome! I'm glad Christmas was such a success! Now get some pics up of that pregnant belly already! (if you even have one--I seem to remember a LACK of belly the first time around!)




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