Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tinkerbell Conked Out

Twice in the last few days Maggie has gotten out of bed, planted herself on the stairs and conked out. Last time Magnet found her and put her in bed (she was going down for the night). Today it happened during her nap time so I took some pictures and let her finish out her nap on the stairs. Crazy girl! I think she had a hard time going down for her nap today because I told her she couldn't watch a Dora movie we checked out from the library until after she woke up.

Also, notice that she is now dressing herself and doing her own hair--mix-matched socks, Rambo hair-do, and her Tinkerbell t-shirt that she refuses to let me wash because she wants to wear it every day and night. It's become a real battle and I have to sneak it into the washing machine after distracting her.

Also, I found it amusing that Magnet got her to do several things she didn't want to do this evening (like clean up the sea of books on her bedroom floor) by challenging her to do it as fast as Tinkerbell, and saying things like, "Tinkerbell loves helping Peter Pan; can you help me clean up these books?" It totally worked. Aw, my little Tink.


  1. Funny little Tinkerbella - that gave me a chuckle today - thanks! And good job Will with that little Tinkerbell trick!

  2. I can't even tell you how much I love it when I see kids that have obviously dressed themselves!! And her hair is fantastic!!

  3. Man I wish you lived closer! I love those pics of Bella! Carter has been fighting me on his naps lately--but I'm just not ready to be done with naptime! I hope you're feeling great! You should post some pics of your baby belly one of these days! Hope your Christmas is wonderful!

  4. Those are great pictures, they are priceless. I especially like the one where she looks dazed and confused with her hair everywhere!

  5. She is such a beautiful girl and a great mix between you and Will. We used to tell Hailey to "take dinosaur/tinkerbell/cinderella bites" so she would eat.




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