Thursday, January 31, 2008

Angel of Mine

I sense my family in Germany is wishing for some more pictures of their Maggie:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I love Real Simple magazine. I don't subscribe, but check out several back issues each time I go to the library. Anyway, they had this article about what you can do with picture frames, that you normally wouldn't think to do. Well, one was make it an earring display/holder. I happened to have an unused frame laying around and Magnet sweetly volunteered to do the handiwork. He just strung some wire across the back with eyelet hooks. Then he hung it next to my mirror in our bathroom. I LOVE it! It's decorative yet functional and gives some personality to our bathroom, not to mention tidies it up a bit. Lately my earrings have been sprawled out on the counter. It was so sweet of him to do this for me--thanks Magnet! Now I'm thinking I want to paint the frame since it gets lost against our tan walls. I just can't decide what color. Maybe white?

Monday, January 28, 2008

He's With Her Again

Marjorie Pay Hinckley

President Gordon B. Hinckley with Sister Hinckley

Together Again

I almost thought you'd live forever. How sad for us to lose such an exceptional man as our prophet and how happy for you to be reuniting with your sweet wife. My heart always ached for you when you spoke of her since she passed away a few years ago. I could just feel how much you missed her. But gosh, we're going to miss you! I miss you both. You were such great examples in every way.

I don't think I've ever felt so loved by someone I've never personally met. But now you're with her again! What wonderful news the gospel brings!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Babbles, Bubbles, Books, Bibs

Before I forget, I need to jot down some cute things Maggie has been saying lately:

For instance, right now she's sitting next to me coloring on a piece of white computer paper. She scribbles and then asks, "What did I make, Mommy?" Then I squint and try to make sense of her artwork. I say, "It's a hook, like in your Captain Hook/Peter Pan movie." She responds, "No! That's not a hook; it's a screwdriver!" Or "No! That's not a worm; it's a snail!" Or "That's not a sword, it's a trampoline!"

In the bathroom just a minute it ago I was telling her how blonde her hair was looking today and then I said, "Is your hair yellow?" figuring she didn't know what blonde meant. She said, "It's not yellow! It's blonde!" Maybe she does know what blonde is??? Then I asked her if my hair was pink, purple, blue--a handful of off-the-wall colors-- and she said, "No, silly! It's black!"

Now she's randomly informing me that, "I like Cinderella's makeup." Hmm, wonder where that came from. There's never dull conversation around here.

All of these "quotables" (as Rae so appropriately dubs her kids' cute sayings) have been especially cherished today since Maggie has been SO sick for a week! This is where the bubbles come in--snot bubbles, that is.
I wiped her nose hundreds of times this week as she camped out on the couch with an alarming fever. It was heartbreaking to watch her have no energy to play. It was pretty scary. She ran a fever ranging from 102-104 all week. I talked to the nurse at her doc's office every day and they kept saying that something was going around and if the fever didn't break by Thursday to bring her in. Well, we were at the doc's both Thursday and Friday and still don't really know what it was she had--some weird virus, I guess. They figured it was either strep or influenza, but it turned out to be neither.
Looking back, I'm convinced it was pneumonia and we're going to be switching doctors. I just wasn't impressed when the doctor told me that if her fever didn't break by the fifth day they were going to start testing for the "weird stuff." I asked her what the "weird stuff" was and the first thing she said was cancer, then malaria and then three or four other off-the-wall/disturbing diseases. We took her in the fifth day (Friday, and this has been going on since Sunday night) and she said it was probably just some weird virus and that she had an ear infection, something that developed between Thursday and Friday because she had her ears checked out on Thursday. Anyway, we got antibiotics for the ear infection and ever since she's just improved. Thank goodness! She's just about back to normal.


Early in the week, Monday night I believe, I caught Magnet and Maggie reading in bed together. It was so cute and sadly, one of the week's hilights. She didn't have energy to do much, but at least she was reading! I've also got a ton of reading in this week. I reread most of Life of Pi by Yann Martel. That book is so interesting! It's about a 16-year-old boy that gets stranded on a lifeboat in the Pacific with a 450-pound Bengal tiger. YIKES! I rarely, actually I don't know if I've ever read a book twice, and this one has been so captivating even the second time around. Another book I picked up this week is I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. What a gem! I love, love it! I'm not quite through with it, but so far it's excellent!! Oh, and I picked my book club book if anyone's interested: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

PS. If you're wondering what's with Maggie's hair, Magnet's Aunt Julie gave us some hair rags to try and do her hair curly the old-school way. It was fun! She looked like Einstein for about an hour the next morning after I took them out, but they loosened and it looked pretty cute in the end. We didn't get an after picture, though.

I snuck away to a baby shower Thursday night and took some bibs for my gift. My mother-in-law showed me how to make them last year and they're so handy, and pretty full-proof. If you're looking for some great bibs, cut a bandana in half and sew it to a wash cloth. They're even pretty cute.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Love Tag

How long have you been together?
Magnet and I will celebrate our fourth anniversary in May! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by, and I also can't believe that we met in 2000. We've known each other for quite awhile now.

Who said "I Love You" first?
Ummm, I'm assuming Magnet did because it would be very unlike me to "make the first move" sort of speak, but honestly, I can't remember! Man, this is embarrassing! Hang on. It'll come to me. Oh yeah! Now I remember...funny story, actually.
When Magnet and I first dated in 2000 it was love at first sight for me and I was dead certain I'd met the man I was going to marry. (I was 18 and fresh out of high school and he was fresh off of his mission.) We dated and about three months later he broke my heart when he said he just didn't feel like we should date anymore--that I was perfect in every way, he just didn't feel like the timing was right.
I thought he was just trying to break it to me sweetly, but we broke up and sure enough two and a half years later we got back in touch through email. Not long after that he called me and told me he loved me and wanted to date again! TWO-PLUS YEARS LATER! Well, even though I compared every guy I would date during our intermission to him, my pride got in the way and I told him that I just happened to be in a relationship (about a week in) and that I was going to give this new guy a chance. Well, I gave that guy a big chance--even got engaged to him, but it wasn't right and to my heart's deepest gratitude I ended up marrying Magnet in '04. Now I'm trying to remember when I first told Magnet I loved him...can you believe I'm forgetting this stuff? Shame on me!

Who is smarter?
Hands down, Magnet is. (You just witnessed my awful memory!) It's not that I'm not smart, he's just smarter, and it's honestly hard to compare us because we're smart in opposite ways. He's good at math and business and brainy stuff and I'm better at being creative and thinking outside of the least I think so.

Who Pays the Bills?
I pay the bills. I don't think there's much rhyme or reason to that, other than that both of our moms pay the bills, so it's what we're used to.

Who Cooks Dinner?
Me. Magnet has been so patient with me as I continue learning how to get a meal on the table. I think I'm improving a lot. I'm even beginning to enjoy it once in awhile. It's also nice that Magnet often cleans up afterward and never complains about leftovers or burnt entrees or runny jell-0.

Who drives when you're in the car together?
Magnet because I HATE driving. I wrecked his car at least twice while we were engaged, so he learned quickly that we're all a lot safer when he's behind the wheel. That is, as long as he's awake (he tends to drift off when we go on road trips), and as long as he keeps his road rage at bay (that's when he thinks it's okay to drive like he's on the autobahn--not okay.)

Who is the most stubborn?
I don't consider either of us very stubborn, although I think that whatever stubbornness we do have, it's about equal. Does that make sense? We're equally stubborn, but not that stubborn to begin with.

Who wears the pants in your family?
Hmmmm... this is a tough one. Magnet really humble and quick to say he's sorry, so I probably get my way more than I should, but I really think we're equal in that regard. We both hold our own pretty well.

Okay, now three random things about me:
1. For no particular reason I've been thinking lately about the little knick-knacks I'm attracted to: earrings, scarves, headbands--pretty much any type of apparel. I can never seem to have enough of these things. Something you won't catch me wearing very often is necklaces. I'm not sure why. I just think they look funny on me. Actually, I think it's because my earrings are so dangly and often big that wearing a necklace with my earrings would be too much, and there's no way I'm going to sacrifice wearing earrings for a necklace, although I have been eying this necklace at

2. I'd rather eat chocolate chips than cake or chocolate chip cookies or just about any baked good, except cheese cake. I love cheese cake. And since I've been pregnant nothing has sounded as good as chocolate and I was a chocoholic before I was pregnant, so it hasn't been a good situation for me. Now I'm a chocoholicX10.

3. I hate being the center of attention unless I'm expected to be. For example, I was a gymnast and cheerleader growing up ,and since I was expected to be in front of a crowd cheering and acting cheesy or tumbling around, I did, and was even kind of good at it. But I'm not one to raise my hand in a class or advertise my talents or host a party. Too much attention. And that's one of the reasons I don't like being pregnant--my belly and changing body draw way too many eyes.

Alrighty, that's it. Now I tag Audra, Melissa, Amy, Kandis, Wendy and Amanda!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Meet Frosty

It snowed the other night and so we made a snowman. I really can't remember the last time I made a snowman. Maggie loved it, although she doesn't really have snow gear, so she sported some socks of mine for mittens and some suede boots that aren't cut out for the snow. She told me countless times while we were out that I needed to buy her some snow boots and mittens. She's right. I do.

Monday, January 7, 2008

"Hurray! Mommy, take a picture!"

I never thought these words would bring me such joy: "A poopy's coming!" When Maggie told me, I reacted as though she said, "A pile of cash is coming!" I said, "It is!? Let's run!" And that's what we did. We ran to the potty.

It was a false alarm; she went number one, something she does from time to time. We still cheered and stuck another sticker on the fridge, but I was disappointed that it wasn't a number two, since she usually hides in my closet when she does that lovely number. Then, about an hour later, Maggie said it again, "A poopy's coming!"

I wasn't quite as excited as the first time she said it because, well, the poopy never showed up. But I stripped her down and let her dance around the bathroom while I went back to my book. Every once in awhile I'd get pulled away from the words on the page by feet pattering around the house and then back into the bathroom again because this poopy (which was taking forever to arrive) was once again coming.

Finally the pattering stopped and she came out quite calmly and said, "Mommy, there's a poopy in there." I'll admit, I didn't believe her, but went to peek like a good mommy and sure enough! Woohoo! I was the one dancing around the bathroom in praise! Then I was laughing because she would run into the bathroom every few minutes to look at her accomplishment and say "Hurray! Mommy, take a picture!" And again, like a good mommy, I took a picture! (Sick, I know, but she was so proud!) And after all we've been through (remember THIS) I even kind of wanted to take a picture, but I'll spare all of you the sight.

For fellow potty trainers out there, (not that I'm home free yet), we checked out a DVD from the library for little girls called "Once Upon a Potty for Her" that she just loves and has begged me to watch over and over again this last week. I really think it helped her grasp the whole concept!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

She did it again!

And again. And again. Who knew we had such comfortable stairs? I'm just glad she saves her sprawled out, roll-over-every-two-minute sleeping for when she's in bed with us and not slumbering on the stairs. And one more thing, I can't believe my "baby" is now the length of a stair!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Doggy Purse and a Ladybug

It's official. My daughter is 100 percent girl and I love it! Today she insisted on dressing up in her "Cinderella dress" so I let her. When naptime rolled around she switched into her Tinkerbell t-shirt, which I also let her do because I didn't think sleeping in a dress would be too comfortable. But she went through all her drawers to find some pants that matched. Is this normal? A two-year-old trying to match? Probably, but I'm still amazed.

To accesorize, Maggie has been toting a doggy purse. She got her "doggy purse" from my family last summer, and while it's always been a hit, it's been an even bigger hit since Christmas because it's the perfect spot for her little Christmas gadgets--princess rings, cars, "Tinkerbell lips" (glittery lip gloss in a Tinkerbell containter), mini Dora dolls and who knows what else. For the last week or so she and her doggy purse have been inseperable.

Our little Maggie also found a ladybug today. It was the coolest thing. She just came out from behind our kitchen curtains and said, "Mommy, look! A ladybug!!" Sure enough, there it was on her cute little fingers. We went into the office and showed Daddy and she spent a good half-hour playing with it (aka tormenting it). I even watched the poor little bug play dead in hopes of losing Maggie's interest, but I flipped it right side up and it flew away and eventually vanished. Maggie hunted the house high and low, but finally gave up. She sure had fun with her pet whilte it lasted, though! (I don't know if you can spot the ladybug in all of these pictures. It's on Magnet's leg in one and on the tail of her doggy purse in the other. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the ladybug is too small to see, but it's there, we promise.)

Family Pics

Magnet's Uncle Don took some family pictures for us tonight. Thanks Uncle Don! Here are a few of my favorites and even one with all of us smiling. I love it when that happens!



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