Sunday, January 27, 2008

Babbles, Bubbles, Books, Bibs

Before I forget, I need to jot down some cute things Maggie has been saying lately:

For instance, right now she's sitting next to me coloring on a piece of white computer paper. She scribbles and then asks, "What did I make, Mommy?" Then I squint and try to make sense of her artwork. I say, "It's a hook, like in your Captain Hook/Peter Pan movie." She responds, "No! That's not a hook; it's a screwdriver!" Or "No! That's not a worm; it's a snail!" Or "That's not a sword, it's a trampoline!"

In the bathroom just a minute it ago I was telling her how blonde her hair was looking today and then I said, "Is your hair yellow?" figuring she didn't know what blonde meant. She said, "It's not yellow! It's blonde!" Maybe she does know what blonde is??? Then I asked her if my hair was pink, purple, blue--a handful of off-the-wall colors-- and she said, "No, silly! It's black!"

Now she's randomly informing me that, "I like Cinderella's makeup." Hmm, wonder where that came from. There's never dull conversation around here.

All of these "quotables" (as Rae so appropriately dubs her kids' cute sayings) have been especially cherished today since Maggie has been SO sick for a week! This is where the bubbles come in--snot bubbles, that is.
I wiped her nose hundreds of times this week as she camped out on the couch with an alarming fever. It was heartbreaking to watch her have no energy to play. It was pretty scary. She ran a fever ranging from 102-104 all week. I talked to the nurse at her doc's office every day and they kept saying that something was going around and if the fever didn't break by Thursday to bring her in. Well, we were at the doc's both Thursday and Friday and still don't really know what it was she had--some weird virus, I guess. They figured it was either strep or influenza, but it turned out to be neither.
Looking back, I'm convinced it was pneumonia and we're going to be switching doctors. I just wasn't impressed when the doctor told me that if her fever didn't break by the fifth day they were going to start testing for the "weird stuff." I asked her what the "weird stuff" was and the first thing she said was cancer, then malaria and then three or four other off-the-wall/disturbing diseases. We took her in the fifth day (Friday, and this has been going on since Sunday night) and she said it was probably just some weird virus and that she had an ear infection, something that developed between Thursday and Friday because she had her ears checked out on Thursday. Anyway, we got antibiotics for the ear infection and ever since she's just improved. Thank goodness! She's just about back to normal.


Early in the week, Monday night I believe, I caught Magnet and Maggie reading in bed together. It was so cute and sadly, one of the week's hilights. She didn't have energy to do much, but at least she was reading! I've also got a ton of reading in this week. I reread most of Life of Pi by Yann Martel. That book is so interesting! It's about a 16-year-old boy that gets stranded on a lifeboat in the Pacific with a 450-pound Bengal tiger. YIKES! I rarely, actually I don't know if I've ever read a book twice, and this one has been so captivating even the second time around. Another book I picked up this week is I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. What a gem! I love, love it! I'm not quite through with it, but so far it's excellent!! Oh, and I picked my book club book if anyone's interested: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

PS. If you're wondering what's with Maggie's hair, Magnet's Aunt Julie gave us some hair rags to try and do her hair curly the old-school way. It was fun! She looked like Einstein for about an hour the next morning after I took them out, but they loosened and it looked pretty cute in the end. We didn't get an after picture, though.

I snuck away to a baby shower Thursday night and took some bibs for my gift. My mother-in-law showed me how to make them last year and they're so handy, and pretty full-proof. If you're looking for some great bibs, cut a bandana in half and sew it to a wash cloth. They're even pretty cute.


  1. Thanks for catching us up on your week - sorry Isabella was so sick though - that IS scary and to feel like your Dr. is no help is even scarier - (I think you should look into switching too). I have the book (Life of Pi) as well, and I really liked it - so interesting!! I will have to re-read it again if I ever get it back from my cousin's hubby (I think he borrowed it 4 years ago!) Cute ideas for bibs too! I will have to remember that!

  2. Sorry to hear about Bella. Glad she is better. Emma was also sick this week with a fever around 102-103. After lots of tests, the only thing they could come up with was a viral infection. But I agree with you switiching doctors. Mine say that if a fever doesn't break by day 3 you need to take them in. Weird.
    I also love those bibs. What a great idea.

  3. What a funny girl!! It is so great when they start saying entertaining things! Glad she is feeling better.

  4. I Capture the Castle is one of my FAVORITE books!! My mom and Kate and I all read it within a week of each other, and it just made me so happy! I'm glad Bella's okay now. What a weird doctor to wait FIVE days for a fever to break! That's just....nutty. I love the picture of Will and Isabella reading. It is sooo cute. And I remember having my hair in rags, so that was pretty nostalgic. :)

  5. That picture of Will and Bella is SO cute!!

  6. That is crazy Bella was sick for so long. Glad she's recovering.

    Very cool bibs! So how do they work? Do you just tie the bandana part around their neck? When Lincoln was cutting teeth he was like the worlds most drooly baby and I would sometimes run out of bibs to put on him. I once used a bandana as a bib & he looked sooo cute! Like a little bandit. It was fabulous.

  7. Exactly, you just tie the bandana around their neck...maybe I'll post a picture of Bella wearing one sometime. I think they're way cute! And so easy to make!

  8. I LOVE I CAPTURE THE CASTLE! Can you believe that's really the only novel of note she's written? Well, that and 101 Dalmations.

    So glad your Bella's doing so much better.




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