Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Doggy Purse and a Ladybug

It's official. My daughter is 100 percent girl and I love it! Today she insisted on dressing up in her "Cinderella dress" so I let her. When naptime rolled around she switched into her Tinkerbell t-shirt, which I also let her do because I didn't think sleeping in a dress would be too comfortable. But she went through all her drawers to find some pants that matched. Is this normal? A two-year-old trying to match? Probably, but I'm still amazed.

To accesorize, Maggie has been toting a doggy purse. She got her "doggy purse" from my family last summer, and while it's always been a hit, it's been an even bigger hit since Christmas because it's the perfect spot for her little Christmas gadgets--princess rings, cars, "Tinkerbell lips" (glittery lip gloss in a Tinkerbell containter), mini Dora dolls and who knows what else. For the last week or so she and her doggy purse have been inseperable.

Our little Maggie also found a ladybug today. It was the coolest thing. She just came out from behind our kitchen curtains and said, "Mommy, look! A ladybug!!" Sure enough, there it was on her cute little fingers. We went into the office and showed Daddy and she spent a good half-hour playing with it (aka tormenting it). I even watched the poor little bug play dead in hopes of losing Maggie's interest, but I flipped it right side up and it flew away and eventually vanished. Maggie hunted the house high and low, but finally gave up. She sure had fun with her pet whilte it lasted, though! (I don't know if you can spot the ladybug in all of these pictures. It's on Magnet's leg in one and on the tail of her doggy purse in the other. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the ladybug is too small to see, but it's there, we promise.)


  1. It started about this age with Brooklyn she would tell me "no I wear a dress" when I would try to put pants on her. And she still makes sure that everything matches to this day. A girly girl is so much fun, just wait till you go to Disneyland :)

  2. "Find the Ladybug" was fun to play. :) I love Isabella's girlyness. I always wonder if Savvy will be super girly or less girly, being the youngest with two older brothers....

  3. What are you going to do when you have to buy boy stuff?? (email me, of course!) Bella is going to be such a great helper for you as a big sister--she's already so grown up...can you believe how fast it happened? You look just beautiful in those family photos--and of course--no pregnant belly (I should have known!)




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