Monday, January 28, 2008

He's With Her Again

Marjorie Pay Hinckley

President Gordon B. Hinckley with Sister Hinckley

Together Again

I almost thought you'd live forever. How sad for us to lose such an exceptional man as our prophet and how happy for you to be reuniting with your sweet wife. My heart always ached for you when you spoke of her since she passed away a few years ago. I could just feel how much you missed her. But gosh, we're going to miss you! I miss you both. You were such great examples in every way.

I don't think I've ever felt so loved by someone I've never personally met. But now you're with her again! What wonderful news the gospel brings!!


  1. Isn't it wonderful to know that death is not the end? I'm certain his death was very peaceful, and that there was a joyous reunion between him and Marjorie.

  2. I had the EXACT impression when I heard our prophet was gone! (And, thanks for the update and the book suggestions--I'll get reading today!)

  3. That's so sweet! That's exactly what I thought when I first heard President Hinckley had passed away, that he gets to be with his wife now! He's probably SO happy!!

  4. I felt the same way. I remember when Sister Hinckley died. Em, who was two, said, "Should we say a prayer for Pres. Hinckley, Mom? He's gonna be sad."




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