Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It's happened gradually-- Maggie's infatuation with fashion.

First she made sure I was picking out clothes for her that matched, and by match, she means black shirt, black tights, black skirt, black shoes. Next she refused to wear anything other than "cinderella" dresses. "Cinderella" being an adjective for anything frilly and pink. In the last few days she's been putting her palm to my tracks and saying, "Stop! I don't need any help." And so I sit there and watch her struggle to put on her clothes. It's hard! But she eventually squirms into whatever it is she's trying to wear.

Today she had an outfit all picked out before I'd even showered for the day and when she discovered after I'd dressed that I was wearing a black shirt, she quickly (yet it took forever) changed from her pink top to a black one so we could match. This evening she's come running into the room three different times with three different shirts on. "Ta-da!" she says each time. I can't help but smile even though at the same time she's driving me crazy with the outfits she's tearing through!

A couple more things she's said today and yesterday that have made me smile:

"I'm helping you. Is that nice?"

Last night Magnet and I were talking during dinner and not really listening to what she was saying to us. She kept repeating herself and repeating herself, getting louder and louder until we took notice. "THANK YOU FOR THE NICE DINNER!" she yelled. I was speechless. What a sweetie, especially since she was dry heaving the five more bites she had to eat. What can I say? I'm still a cook in training. :)

"How many 'til married?" Translation: How old do I have to be to get married? I told her that was a good question for her daddy. :) She's also asked me how old she has to be to get earrings and get baptized, but that's because she requests "Tinkerbell earrings" and so I have to explain to her that she has to be eight to get earrings, and because she's been to a lot of baptisms and wants to get baptized.

This afternoon I was lost trying to find a girl's house I visit teach. Maggie noticed and said. "I need to see a map." This is thanks to Dora the Explorer, I'm sure.


  1. I feel like I need to pass a torch onto you for this milestone is a little girls life :) They only become more enjoyable. Have fun while it lasts.

  2. What a silly girl!! She is so funny to hear about. It makes me think of the funny things Addy says, I should write them down. And her whole fashion thing is so funny. It's kind of nice I guess that Addy still doesn't care what I put on her...except she is very particular about shoes!!

  3. She is so pretty and her comments are awesome. What a girl. Hailey just let me put fake earrings on her for the first time and she is really liking them. funny girls!

  4. She sounds soooooo funny! and Fun! Enjoy this age!

  5. She is sooo funny. I don't think Emma will ever be that girly. Which kind of makes me sad. Oh well, to each their own, I guess.

  6. hi marie! emily sent me the link to your blog. you can reach my family one under my name. bella's hair has really grown!! we are in NC now, and will be here for the year. i keep hoping to get sent back to germany. i'm bookmarking you...:)




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