Saturday, February 16, 2008

Liam's Lovely Lips and My Valentines

I've been wanting to post this picture for a few days now, but it took some time to figure out how to use our new scanner. Anyway, this is our little Magson at about 34 weeks. Check out the lips on this kid!! I have no idea where they came from and maybe it's just the ultrasound picture making them look so Angelina Jolie, but yeah, my little boy has some smackers on him!

The ultrasound was so fun. The lady kept saying how unusual it was to see a baby's face so well this far along. She kept commenting on what chubby cheeks he has and what pouty lips and what defined muscles he has in his legs. I got a kick out of her insight because I didn't have the eye for what she was talking about--except for maybe the lips. I could pick those out. But yeah, we're awfully anxious to meet the little guy. By the way, being eight months pregnant or whatever I am, I'm also feeling so plump, so full...and so UN-Angelina Jolie. :)

As for Valentines Day, it's taken me a few years to understand what Valentines Day means for a family in the floral industry---lots of work and little sleep! But I definitely can't complain as I didn't have to work through the night in a chilly warehouse/design center all week long. I'm just thankful that the business is doing so well! And despite Magson's exhaustion, he managed to bring me home Seattle Chocolates, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and an assortment of balloons, one of which sings, "Wild Thing" when you hit it. WARNING: Maggie has now learned how to hit. She loved her "heart sing balloon" and I love my Valentines.


  1. I am so SO SO SO excited to see Bella and meet Liam! (And see you and Will!) It makes leaving Rexburg easier

  2. That was an amazing ultrasound. I had a late ultrasound that we got some prety good pictures of Carie in. When she was born, I just kept thinking she looked familiar. I finally realized that she looked like her ultrasound! (Surprise!) It is fun to have that sneak peak.

  3. Those are some good smackers. you're going to have to watch out for him in his teenage years, I am sure the girls will find those irresistible! :) I think he has Bella's and Emma's nose too. He's going to be a cutie!! less than 6 weeks for you! and only 6 days for me :)

  4. That is the best ultrasound picture ever. It is amazing to me how the specialist can see things so clearly, it all looks the same to me. But like you said, I can tell where his lips are. He will probably be a good kisser. :)
    And your v-day flowers are beautiful.

  5. Awesome ultrasound Marie! I will be seeing Jaci in 2 weeks for her blessing and will email you some pictures of her when I get back. Glad to see everyone is doing so well!

  6. So funny, Marie! My tech with Bella kept saying she looked exactly like Emily. "Really? Can you even tell that from an unltrasound?!" Sure enough, when B was born everyone always commented on how much she looks like E.

    I really hope that if I am still around that I am still around long enough to meet him! If that makes any sense...

  7. Hey Marie! Found your blog on Nicki Mickelsens... too cute! Congrats on the whole pregnancy thing!!! So exciting. I can't believe how big Isabella has gotten... since I first had re-contact with you. She's a beauty!

  8. I LOVE the ultrasound picture! His lips are adorable. He's going to be so cute.




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