Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rise and Shine

This week I decided I was ready to finally start my main New Year's resolution--to wake up early. I've been draggin' my feet, basking in every excuse imaginable. Sunday night rolled around and I was out of excuses, so I set my alarm for 5:30am Monday morning and got up rather easily, actually. Same thing on Tuesday, but Wednesday and today Maggie woke up at 6am-ish! The whole idea is for me to have some quiet time to myself, not to start my mom-job earlier! That silly girl is unintentionally foiling my plan! I'm not about to bump up the time either. I guess I have a new excuse to revel in. I think she's just anxious to blow milk bubbles or something...

I can't believe the things that keep her entertained:

*blowing milk bubbles through a straw
*filling up bags with stuff--rocks, puzzle pieces, you name it
*playing hide and go seek
*dreaming up things she's going to "ask Daddy when he gets home" (She used to ask me her questions first, and if I didn't know the answer then she'd say, "I'm gonna ask Daddy when he gets home." Now she doesn't even bother to see if I know the answer; she jumps right to her line about how she's gonna ask Daddy. haha)
*making up analogies...seriously! She's constantly saying things like, "that's kinda like this" and "this is kind of like that."

I guess if these things were on my daily agenda, I'd have no problem getting up early either!


  1. 5:30?!! WOW. I admire you. I am FAR from that right now....waking up is honestly the hardest part of the day for me!! I love your cutie's agenda. Sounds like she leads a very fulfilling life! ;)

  2. I have big dreams of being an early riser as well. Good luck! Let me know how you motivate yourself to get up when that alarm goes off- I need ideas. Thanks for sharing all the cute things about Isabella! -I am quite entertained with blowing milk bubbles as well-

  3. Props to you for waking up that early! I love the mornings, but just not that early. I hope it all will work out for you. And Bella really just makes me smile.

  4. So funny! I tried the get-up-early thing too for awhile, but then I figured out that Lincoln either A) woke up when he heard my alarm going off or B) instead of playing in his crib nicely for a while after he woke up he would hear us/me stirring so he figured it was time to be out of his crib. So now I'm back to sleeping till he wakes up. If you figure something out, let me know!! That Non-Mommy Time was fabulous.

  5. Well, I just finished "I Capture the Castle"--I'm so glad you blogged about it--what a gem! I haven't been able to put it down! (I was really hoping poor Stephen would win out in the end... but was non-the-less completely satisfied!) Now, if I can just stick to my New Year's resolutions too--here's a good luck to us both!

  6. It's pretty impressive that you get up that early being pregnant. I stayed in bed as long as I could, except for that one month when I worked out.=)

  7. Hi,
    This is Jodi Leonard, McGinn now. I just got your parents Christmas letter and wanted to contact you. I am also expecting, our first, but I'm only 9 weeks. Isabella is so beautiful!

  8. Hey Marie - I had a dream last night - don't remember anything about it, except that you were in it telling me that you changed your baby's name from Liam to James Francis and I remember being so disappointed that you had changed it! How random is that?!?!?!?!

  9. The whole getting up earlier thing was the farthest thing from my new year's resolution list. I'm impressed...especially with a new baby on the way, I would be more like, "get me as much sleep as possible!!" In fact, that is how I am :) Bella is so cute, so smart!!




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