Thursday, March 13, 2008

Maggie Quotables

Maggie, sitting down to a bowl of yogurt: "This is my best day ever."

Maggie: "Mommy, what sound a heart make?"
Me: "Uh, a heart doesn't really make a sound." (I'm thinking of the shape not the organ.)
Maggie: "Ba-boom, Ba-boom!"
Nothin' like getting schooled by my two-year-old.

Maggie: "Baby brother is kicking me in my tummy!"

Me: Look, Maggie! There's an airplane! Where do you think it's going?
Maggie: It's going to Germany, maybe.

We have a giant book of German children's songs that Isabella has really taken to lately. I know about three songs--Stille Nacht, O Tannenbaum, and Bruder Jakob and there are hundreds. She desperately wishes I knew more of the songs and gets a little frustrated when I can't sing them. But lately she's perked up and in a tone of relief tells me, "I'm going to ask Grandpa Tracy." Thank goodness I'm not her only resource for learning... and Grandpa Tracy, you might want to freshen up on your German children's songs before you come in May.

I don't know that anyone else would get a kick out of these without her cute little voice attached, but I had to write them down before I forget them completely, and for the time being this blog has replaced my journaling.


  1. what?!? your blog has replaced your journal? I'm astonished, you are always so good at that! :) Bella is cute! Addy always wants me to sing and play songs with her out of the children's english

  2. thanks for sharing those little Isabella insights - so fun!!!

  3. Marie,
    I'm so excited to find your blog! I will send you an invite for mine okay? I'd love to keep in touch. I just love to blog! On the fabrics, I really like the blue and brown circles and stripes. That color scheme is currently mine favorite. What a beautiful little boy you have!

    My mom says to tell you they're coming to Washington this summer. She wants to see you. :) She also says to tell you she got 77 boxes of cereal for 30 cents a piece! My mom is the ultimate grocery saving guru!

    I can't wait to catch up a little! It's been a while.

  4. Marie, in order to send you an invite to my blog, i need your email!




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