Sunday, March 9, 2008


  • I made my first homemade pizza crust and pizza sauce, and well, pizza. I baked it on an unglazed ceramic tile that I got from Lowe's for $1.50! It turned out pretty yummy. (I got this tip from Crystal's friend Alyssa...I don't know you, Alyssa, but thanks!) I'm still working on making my dinners and treats look yummy--that's an art of it's own. I figure I'll get things tasting good first and then I'll worry about appearances. ;)

  • Maggie got her first professional haircut. (Thanks, Melissa!)

  • Magnet and I have decided to make bargain shopping a hobby and so we've subscribed to the Sunday paper and use to line up coupons with sale items to get the best deals on groceries--sometimes it even comes out free! I've also started inputing the ingredients I have on hand into and it comes up with all kinds of recipes that I can make with what I've got. Anyway, we had our first "coupon experience" at Albertsons last week and according to the receipt we saved $35.04. Not bad, right Claire?


  1. Way to go on the grocery savings! I've never heard of grocerygame or supercook. I'll have to go check those out.

    We love to watch Alton Brown's "Good Eats" show on Food Network and he recommends buying an unglazed ceramic tile for pizza too! It's so much cheaper and works just as well as a pizza stone!

  2. Good job on the Albertsons trip. I love that store. The website I use has a pretty big Washington group. It's It's free, so you can see if you like it. I'll have to check out I have been in such a cooking rut lately.

  3. Mmmm, I want pizza! Congrats to Isabella on her hair cut! Em's first one was 2 weeks before Kindergarten :-O!

  4. your friend Melissa is multi-talented!
    I am proud of you wanting to bargain shop! :) It is a fun hobby...nerdy, I know. Good job on your savings at Albertsons! I'm so proud! supercook sounds cool, I'll have to check it out. Sounds like what Jaran wanted me to try to figure out how to do on my own.

  5. I just went to supercook. It was awesome! I love that they are REAL recipes. Not with crazy ingredients that I don't have. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ok, we went to Lowes looking for an unglazed ceramic tile & the guy looked at me like I was crazy & said such a thing didn't exist!!! Maybe I need to go to WA.

    I made the dough for our pizza, but I haven't assembled it yet. It's on the plan for tomorrow though :)




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