Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flight Cancelled

So scratch that last post. Over the last few days I've been feeling really unsettled about having Magson induced just yet--no particular reason--but I just can't ignore the feelings I'm having. I'm going to wait until his due date--a week from today-- before I consider getting induced again. My doc is going out of town Saturday, but hopefully he can talk one of his colleagues into inducing me next week if it comes to that. I definitely don't want my mom to miss the whole thing, either! That would be awful. So here's to praying he'll just come on his own!

Sorry everyone for the false alarm! I'll keep you posted. :)


  1. Hang in there. Good girl, listening to your feelings. And you should NOT be allowed to look so cute at nine months. =) I was thinking of something the other day. When we hung out with Will one summer at Ricks, some of us went to Yellowstone. That song With or Without You was on the radio and Will was singing "And you give yourself the rain" instead of "You give yourself away." I just though of that. It was funny.=)

  2. Good for you; always trust those feelings...more often than not, they're the Spirit, which I think is also closely linked with intuition...hang in there, I know you can do it!

  3. Hi Marie,
    It is sooo good to see what your up to. Last I saw your little girl she was a tiny baby. She is gorgeous! Congrats on your little boy...hang in there.

  4. Good luck!! He will come! I hope I haven't had a bad influence on you about being induced! It's good to trust your gut though. Love you!!

  5. Marie, i am glad that you are listening to your feelings, Liam will thank you I'm sure. And, we are praying that he comes soon on his own so that your mom gets to spend some time with him!! Good Luck!!

  6. I'm prayin' hard that everything is smooth sailing for you and your mom can give you the delux treatment you deserve! love you!




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