Monday, April 28, 2008

Discipline Defined

I love parenting because it's challenging and rewarding, but lately I've had a new adjective to add to how I'd describe parenting: frustrating!

We started potty training Maggie back in January and it's mostly been a success, but we've had quite the relapse since Magson's arrival. As a sleep-deprived new mother of two, I haven't been very patient with what my brothers and sisters call her "pee rage." I'm suddenly catching myself raising my voice. Once I even almost spanked her because I was so frustrated, and I am totally anti-spanking!

So, I literally sat down to watch General Conference this past month with one question I wanted answered: how do I discipline and react to misbehavior? It seems like there's millions of parenting styles and just a lot of questions about how to do it most effectively. (I normally wouldn't call having accidents a misbehavior, except my sweet Maggie was having them on purpose. They were fake accidents. I'm serious! And stopping the "pee rage" isn't all I've been stumped about; it's been how to discipline in general.)

Anyway, Magnet and I have had so many parenting questions, so between conference sessions when there was a special featuring parenting and disciplining children we were all ears. Well, Magnet was. I think I was off taking care of Magson. But anyway, they referenced an awesome site: You Can Do This.
It's got loads of information about discipling your kids that truly resonates with us. We haven't read it all, but my favorite section so far has been the "Discipline vs. Punishment" section where I learned that the word discipline comes from the Latin word disciplina, which means "teaching" or "learning." Also, discipline shares a common root with the word disciple: one who accepts and helps to spread the teachings of another. It talks about praising your children more than you correct them and all kinds of other things. We've always known that you should act consistently and always with love and kindness when discipling aka teaching kids, but exactly how to do that isn't always obvious. It's been nice to have this in-depth resource to refer to and think about.

With Maggie it really has been so natural and easy to respond with love to her little misbehaviors. She's such a good kid. Most of the time she puts herself in time out. It's hilarious. She says, "I going to time out! I being naughty!" She goes in there upset and comes out a minute later and tells me, "I'm happy now!" She's also been such a great big sister to Magson. She loves trying to make him feel better when he cries. She reads books to him. She sings to him. And she loves to talk about the things she's going to teach him when he gets bigger...the latest skill: running. It'll be awhile!

Here are some pictures of her this last month. I feel like I've posted so many of Liam and not enough of her. (It doesn't help that she scrams the second I pull out the camera. Lately she's been pretty insistent that she does not need her picture taken.) OK, enough words from me already. Enjoy!

Wrapping a present for Liam with her GREAT Aunt Julie

Play Doh with Auntie Tina

Reading with Aunt Tina (Welcome home from BYU-I, Tina!)

The smile she pulls when I say, "Say cheese!"

Giving Baby Anna a stroll
Running from the camera
And a few of Magson this past week at five weeks old!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pink Turtle Boutique

You know my friend Melissa-- the amazing seamstress-- who made me that pink dress and who is making me a crib set? Well, for my birthday she sent me this diaper bag she made! (I love showing off other people's stuff!) But that's just a side note. The reason for this post is to congratulate her because she's going after her dreams by starting her own business.

You can check out her purses at PINK TURTLE BOUTIQUE. I'm so stinkin' inspired by her and by all you out there who are going after your dreams.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Flowers To Go

Magnet runs his parent's flower shops--Flowers to Go--and we're planning on taking over the business in a few years. Here is the link to the worlds best flowers!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

More pictures!

I hope I'm not overwhelming people with pictures, but at the very least I know my fam in Germany enjoys as many as they can get their hands on. These pictures are about a week old and from a family dinner we had with Magson's mom's side of the family. Uncle Don got these great shots of the kids that I had to share. Thanks a million, Uncle Don!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Talented Peeps

I've been awe-struck at the gifts I've received lately. Check out all these handmade things that we've been the lucky recipients of:

My mom crocheted this blessing outfit for Magson.
She also crocheted this beautiful blessing outfit for Maggie. Pretty much, she's wonder woman.
My friend Jessica painted these letters for Magson's room. Love them.

A talented lady from church that I used to work with in Young Women's knitted like a day! I thought it was from Macy's when I opened it--it looks that professional.

My mom whipped up these amazing throw pillows for our bed while she was visiting. Magnet's been noticing how boring and bland our bedroom is, but after the added pillows he says the room is complete. Thanks, Mom!

My friend Melissa, who visited from GA last month, brought me this dress she made! I LOVE it and plan on wearing it to church this Sunday. Can't wait. Melissa, you know how amazingly talented I think you are. Thanks so much for letting me reap from your skills.

My friend Claire made these burp cloths for creative and clever!

Will's Aunt Julie made this CUTE sailor suit for Magson...speaking of professional...she really is a pro seamstress.

Love to you all, my dear, talented friends. ;)

Oh Yeah, Easter!!

Easter this year consisted of...
  • A trip to the mall to visit the Easter Bunny
  • An Easter egg hunt and egg-dying with friends
  • Another Easter egg hunt at church
  • Lots of candy
  • A baby stroller from the Easter bunny
  • A really uplifting meeting at church where my friend Misty and her husband gave awesome talks
  • An awesome Easter feast at Magnet's grandma's house
  • And me going into labor

It was a good year!


Baby: Two Weeks and Ten Pounds /Mom: Tired Yet Terrific

Sigh. It's late and I'm finally posting to my blog--something I've been meaning to do for days. I don't know how you moms with more than one kiddo manage to post so regularly! I'm impressed. I'm sure it takes more than a few weeks to get adjusted and we're just two weeks in, but it seems like so much longer than that. So much has happened in the last few weeks since Magson's arrival.

After my mom left more than a week ago I've had to keep assuring myself that I do not need a nanny. I can do this. It was so blissful with her here...the house was always clean, fabulous meals were always prepared, there was always someone right there to help Maggie with whatever while I was nursing. Getting mastitis right after she left didn't help with my withdrawals one bit. But we're all still alive, very alive. I love having two kids to squish me. Somehow all four of us end up in the same bed every morning. By the time dawn is breaking I'm too lazy to put Magson back in his crib and Maggie has tip-toed into our bedroom in the early hours of morning. So between 5am-7am you can find the four of us squished together in our bed. It's great.

Magson is growing like crazy. He weighed in at ten pounds at his two-week appointment yesterday. It's so fun having a big boy/good eater/good sleeper. Perfect, I tell ya.



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