Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby: Two Weeks and Ten Pounds /Mom: Tired Yet Terrific

Sigh. It's late and I'm finally posting to my blog--something I've been meaning to do for days. I don't know how you moms with more than one kiddo manage to post so regularly! I'm impressed. I'm sure it takes more than a few weeks to get adjusted and we're just two weeks in, but it seems like so much longer than that. So much has happened in the last few weeks since Magson's arrival.

After my mom left more than a week ago I've had to keep assuring myself that I do not need a nanny. I can do this. It was so blissful with her here...the house was always clean, fabulous meals were always prepared, there was always someone right there to help Maggie with whatever while I was nursing. Getting mastitis right after she left didn't help with my withdrawals one bit. But we're all still alive, very alive. I love having two kids to squish me. Somehow all four of us end up in the same bed every morning. By the time dawn is breaking I'm too lazy to put Magson back in his crib and Maggie has tip-toed into our bedroom in the early hours of morning. So between 5am-7am you can find the four of us squished together in our bed. It's great.

Magson is growing like crazy. He weighed in at ten pounds at his two-week appointment yesterday. It's so fun having a big boy/good eater/good sleeper. Perfect, I tell ya.


  1. So happy to hear that Liam is so good for you and that it's all going well. He sure is cute - and so big. Big boys really are fun.

  2. Marie, hang in there. It really does get easier after a while. :)

  3. We all end up in the same bed eventually, too. :) And the same couch, the same room, the same area of the house. It used to baffle/annoy me a little bit, but now I actually love it.

    You are doing great!! And yes, it does get easier. Promise. It gets more normal to have two.

  4. You can do it!!! Funny how you can love a new baby so much and you thought you loved Bella the most you could love a kid huh? With Spencer, he pretty much was in our bed every night until he was 5 months and then I became human again when he finally started sleeping through the night. You do what you have to. Mom's sleep is more important than having baby in his own bed. Sorry about the mastitis. Hope you are feeling better! Soon you will be carting those two around like nothing and contemplating a third, I swear! PS Love those pillows. Blake and I are going to try to have a cool bedroom someday.

  5. He is perfect. I love the picture of you too napping together, makes you guys look alike I think.




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