Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Talented Peeps

I've been awe-struck at the gifts I've received lately. Check out all these handmade things that we've been the lucky recipients of:

My mom crocheted this blessing outfit for Magson.
She also crocheted this beautiful blessing outfit for Maggie. Pretty much, she's wonder woman.
My friend Jessica painted these letters for Magson's room. Love them.

A talented lady from church that I used to work with in Young Women's knitted like a day! I thought it was from Macy's when I opened it--it looks that professional.

My mom whipped up these amazing throw pillows for our bed while she was visiting. Magnet's been noticing how boring and bland our bedroom is, but after the added pillows he says the room is complete. Thanks, Mom!

My friend Melissa, who visited from GA last month, brought me this dress she made! I LOVE it and plan on wearing it to church this Sunday. Can't wait. Melissa, you know how amazingly talented I think you are. Thanks so much for letting me reap from your skills.

My friend Claire made these burp cloths for creative and clever!

Will's Aunt Julie made this CUTE sailor suit for Magson...speaking of professional...she really is a pro seamstress.

Love to you all, my dear, talented friends. ;)


  1. Yay! I love handmade gifts. That dress is sooo cute!

  2. thanks for the updates - those gifts are awesome! You are a lucky girl - looks like you are settling into life now - that baby is adorable!!

  3. Wow! You really have gotten a lot of cute stuff. People are so talented!! Unlike my ribbon sewed on already made cloth diapers. I have to stick to the easy stuff though or else it won't get done!

  4. Those are some GORGEOUS gifts!! Lucky duck!

  5. Wow! You do know some crafty peeps! I love love love that pick dress! What's even more in=mpressive than the dress is that you can fit into it already!

  6. Whoa, people must love you!!! :) Now I see where you get your talents, look at those ADORABLE blessing outfits. I love handmade stuff.




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