Friday, April 25, 2008

Pink Turtle Boutique

You know my friend Melissa-- the amazing seamstress-- who made me that pink dress and who is making me a crib set? Well, for my birthday she sent me this diaper bag she made! (I love showing off other people's stuff!) But that's just a side note. The reason for this post is to congratulate her because she's going after her dreams by starting her own business.

You can check out her purses at PINK TURTLE BOUTIQUE. I'm so stinkin' inspired by her and by all you out there who are going after your dreams.


  1. That's awesome! She really is talented! That dress is amazing! How's the crib set coming along?

  2. what talent! cute bag and cute pattern! thanks for sharing her etsy site - i loved the totes - i'll have to get me a fun summer one!!




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