Thursday, May 8, 2008


I dub my dreams "dreamarie." Here's what I'm daydreaming about today:

1. A haircut. Possibly like Katie Holmes' new do. But I don't know; I think I'm too chicken to chop so much hair off and cut thickish bangs like that. A haircut is definitely in the works, though. What do you think Melissa J.?

2. I don't know any girl who doesn't dream of her sisters and cousins and best friend and everyone special living on the same street as her. Albeit a waste of time, I'm constantly conjuring ideas for how to get my parents and all my siblings living in the same neighborhood. (Getting them to America would be a good start, no?) And I can't tell you how many times a day I wish my #1 GF, Claire, lived next door. We both have two-year-old girls and newborn baby boys and it would just be sweeeeeet. Is hoping that our husbands can start a grocery coupon business together so far-fetched? Maybe not so far-fetched as it is nerdy. I know, dream on. Right.

3. Homeschool. Yes, kindergarten is a ways off for Maggie. And it's not grade school I'm concerned about; what I'm worried about is the middle schoolers that drop the f-bomb while I'm speed walking around the track or the three high school boys I saw holding hands and skipping around the track together with their hairspray hairdos and makeup on. Did kids swear when I was twelve? Was it cool for the boys to be so "girly?" There's something innate to motherhood that makes me want to plug my kids' ears and cover their eyes and NOT send them into the big bad world! But, of course, that would be extremist and over-protective and most of all, impossible. I can't protect them from everything I disagree with. But back to daydreaming about homeschooling. Since I can't wrap my brain around how moms fulfill their mom role on top of educating their kids at home, here's how I envision homeschool playing out at our house:

We have a cook and a maid and a nanny (Emma) and a personal shopper while I cozy up and read the kids books for their history and English curriculum. I don't know how I'd teach them any degree of upper level math since I don't speak math-ese, but I'd figure something out. We'd take lots of field trips for science class and do lots of experiments in the kitchen (enter, cleaning lady) and we'd travel the world. We'd learn Italian in Italy and German in Germany and French in France and we'd visit all the historical spots together. Now that's my kind of homeschool.

And to be sure my kids don't become social misfits I'll have them enrolled in dance and soccer, but wait a second...the same kids that go to the public schools would be showing up to soccer practice and dance class, wouldn't they? ...making it, once again, impossible for me to protect my kids from the big bad world. (I actually think there's more good kids than bad. I'm just being dramatic, in case anyone is wondering about all my doom and gloom talk.)

So, maybe all the swearing and male skipping just triggered the idea to homeschool. The real reason I've been dreaming about MAG-style homeschool is because I love to be with them all day long, and I love to read to them, and I miss Europe, and I like the idea of having the flexibility for year-round travel, and I want to learn along with them because--imagine this--I daydreamed through high school and didn't learn all that I should have. Plus, who doesn't like the idea of a cook and a maid and a nanny and a personal shopper on a rough day?


  1. Marie you crack me up!! I have the same worries about sending Brayden to school...when did kids start being so bad so young??!! But I tell myself that if I can prepare Brayden now, maybe he can help all those kids that didn't get taught right at home....maybe kids like Brayden and Adelynn and Isabella will be what these other kids need? That is my hope anyway....maybe I'm dreaming too :)

  2. I love your day dreams especially the ones of us living by each other and our kids playing together all the time, and our upcoming grocery coupon business...ha! (The more I get into the coupon thing the more I don't think it will work because I realize there's way more people out there that know more than me) I daydream about those things too and seriously get teary eyed when I realize that's probably not going to happen!! Couldn't we just live in Rexburg like the good old days but with our hubbies and kiddies too? Ever since you told me about the boys skipping around the track, I've worried a lot too. And what's with their tight skinny pants?!?! I hate those!! I don't want carter to skip with other boys, especially at middle school age. What are we going to do? Maybe we should just form our own little community...that might be kind of weird too though, like FLDS or something? Anyway, miss you lots Marie!

  3. Can I sign my kids up for your home school??? -wendy

  4. Oh Marie, I'm so with you!! On every count! And I daydream like that, too....all the time, too....:) My whole family living on the same street (or in a massive house, almost polygamy-ranch-like...I know), homeschooling my kids in the best way possible and just living a blissful life with my family! :) I loved that post. I'm so with you!!! Oh, and I think that haircut would be soooo cute! If you're nervous about thick bangs, try thinner sideswept ones first, and then if you're okay with that and still want more change, go on to thick bangs?

  5. So, will you be homeschooling all of our kids or just yours?!=) It will be a hard/sad day when Hailey goes off to evil Vegas public school, but I survived it so I guess she will too.

  6. Marie, I still think as "rad" as I thought you were the day I met you- my first day of second grade in Germany. (I stole the word rad from you. I remember you used to say it a lot when we came to see your family in California)
    Anyway, dream all you want girl friend. I don't blame you for wanting a maid or wanting to keep your kids away from skipping boys or wanting your family all inone place. Dream on girlfriend, dream on! :D

  7. I LOVE Katie Holmes' hair!! Seriously it's sooo cute & would great on you. Doesn't hurt that you are gorgeous to begin with :)

    Your homeschooling dilemma cracked me up!




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