Thursday, May 22, 2008

Four Fab Years

(I picked this picture because I'm smiling so big my eyes are squished almost closed, and because it's one of the few digital pictures I have of us that day, and because I'm running out of time to scan a professional one into the computer.)

The instant I saw Magnet about eight years ago I had this urge to "call it." I was a new 18-year-old freshmen at BYU-Idaho at my very first ward social and I immediately spotted him in an old olive green sweater with a patch of the German flag sewn to his arm. (Were we meant for each other or what?) After staring for a few more seconds and deciding he was my dream guy, I raced over to Claire (my roommate) and let her know that I thought Magnet was a hottie and that I had a crush and that I was "calling it." I thought if I claimed him first nobody in my apartment could legally like him. He was mine. And so without even meeting him, I claimed him.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of him that night, and to my delight we met each other while walking home from the event. Later that week he called and asked me out. Just the fact that he called me about sent me through the roof. I was practically jumping up and down with the phone on my shoulder while I used my hands to try to sign his name to my roommates to let them know that my dream guy was on the other line. He called me. We were going on a date!

I was taking night classes at the time and he asked me to go to a FA-100 event with him, a concert on campus of some sort. I really don't remember. All I know is that it was in the evening and that I was going to have to meet him there right after my night class. Being new to the college, I'd never been to the building where this concert was or to the spot where we'd planned to meet. I thought we were going to meet inside the building and he thought we'd meet outside. Or maybe it was the other way around. I don't know. All I know is that we were standing in different meeting spots thinking we'd each been stood up. Luckily, we found each other and made it to the concert barely in time.

For some reason, when something important or memorable happens to me, I remember what everyone is wearing. It has something to do with my obsession with clothes, I guess. That night I was wearing a white skirt made of material with a blue floral print, a white shirt and a Gap denim jacket. I was also wearing big cluncky Doc Martin sandals. I believe Will was wearing the standard khakis and a white shirt and tie. We chatted throughout the concert about I don't remember what, probably about Germany since he served a mission there and I'm from there. At the end of the concert he whipped out his bubble sheet so he could take the little quiz that's required at FA-100 events. I did a double-take when I saw his last name printed on the bubble sheet. Did it say Gross? I could have sworn it said "Gross." As we filed out of the room and I watched him hand his bubble sheet to the usher I asked him what his last name was...a little bold for a first date since everybody knows that when a girl asks a guy his last name, she's really asking him what her last name would be if they were to someday marry. I was right. His last name was Gross and I knew he was something special when I didn't care what his last name was. From what I could tell, I wanted to be Marie Gross.

Like any love story, ours has its twists and turns and bumps in the road, but about two and a half years after that first date we got married--four years ago today. It was easily the happiest and most perfect day of my life. I love being Marie Gross. Life with Magnet has exceeded my dreams for married life. Here are some of the reasons why:

Will is so good-looking! His best features being his ears and his smile and his skin, and everything really.

He's really good with people. I think he sounds especially nice on the phone.

He's incredibly hard-working. He's always setting goals and reaching them.

He's really ambitious. He has big dreams for himself and our family.

I feel safe and secure with him. He's so responsible with his time and money and everything that affects me and the kids.

He challenges me and believes in me. He makes me feel like I'm capable of doing all that's expected of me in this life plus more.

He is an amazing dad. He helps me put Maggie to bed every night. He reads her books, takes her on daddy-daughter dates, takes her to the park. He loves to be with her and Magson. When we're all together I know that there's nowhere else in the world he'd rather be.

He speaks kindly and is patient. He's never raised his voice at me--I'm assuming that's because he's never had a reason to get upset with me. (haha)

He's really neat and cleans up after himself. His side of the bathroom and closet are always way tidier than mine, and I'm a pretty neat person myself.

He's really well-versed in the Gospel. He knows his stuff and teaches me all the time.

He loves to serve others. If he could spend all his time and money on service, that's what he'd do.
I could go on and on, but I just had to publicly tell him that I love him so much! Marrying him is the best decision I ever made and I constantly thank God that he's mine.

Happy Anniversary, Magnet. Ich liebe dich!


  1. I love it! I love your story! I love that I even remember what Will was wearing at that ward social too! And I love that you had to claim him before anyone else in our apartment did! hee hee! That's BYU-I for ya! And I love that picture! My favorite wedding picture of ours is the same too, right when we were coming out of the temple! It shows how much joy you have inside. It's the happiest thing! Well, happy anniversary!! Are you guys doing anything fun? I seriously smile inside when I think of you guys and I'm so glad you married Will and how everything worked out! And I'm glad you were there during my dating experiences too and that we helped each other through the "bad guys" to get to our awesome hubbies! Love you guys!! Happy Day!!

  2. sweet story - You totally deserved your dream guy - glad you got him!! and love the picture!

  3. Happy Anniversay, what an awesome story of the two of you! And I just love the picture. You are so beautiful.

  4. Oh Marie, that was so fun to read! And that photo is gorgeous. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Can't believe it has been so long. You guys were meant to be!! I still remember running around the track and seeing you two together. So cute...and still are so cute!




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