Monday, May 26, 2008

Liam's Blessing

Magson received a beautiful baby blessing yesterday. His blessing day began with me trying one last time to fit him into the blessing outfit my mom made him. We think he grew even more in the night and had no luck.

So he wore a different outfit that my Dad and Grandma Kay were nice enough to shop for in UT at the last minute--thanks so much! He looked adorable. Oh, and the booties my mom made him fit!

Magnet blessed Magson to be strong and healthy, to have a strong spirit and a desire to choose the right, and that through the examples of others he would gain a testimony of the Gospel. Magson was blessed to have a desire to learn and to be a worthy priesthood holder, to serve an honorable and full-time mission, to be married in the temple. He was blessed to have love and charity and to be an example and light to others. He was blessed to have a mind that was sharp and that he might have an education, and that he would use his knowledge to attain wisdom. Finally, he was blessed with the ability to endure to the end so he can one day live with Heavenly Father again.

Thanks to all of you who shared in this special day with us!


  1. That is so funny that he didn't fit into his blessing outfit..What a big boy! Isn't it fabulous to have such a wonderful husband who holds the preisthood and can bless your children?! One more little silly note..Shanna has the same dress that Bella was wearing! :) Target? Got to love that store :)

  2. That is hilarious that his outfit didn't fit, what a cute chunky little guy! That is awesome that some of your family was able to come to be apart of a sweet moment. By the way you all look so beautiful!

  3. He is so chunky and so absolutely adorable! Ava was about that size at his age and I just love all those rolls and pudges....more to snuggle! :)




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