Friday, June 27, 2008

Meet Miss Moody

Maggie is moody!

I love the girl more than chocolate and ice cream and cookies, but I'm seriously concerned when she a.) goes back and forth a bazillion times about whether she does or doesn't want me to pick out her clothes, b.) screams loud enough to make my heart stop because her nose won't stop running and then cries in hysterics because "she's sick" when really, her nose is running simply because she won't stop crying because I wouldn't let her wear her size 12-month dresses that simply do not fit her, and c.) goes from outraged (because I forgot to let her dump her oatmeal packet in her breakfast bowl) to caressing my cheeks and dramatically saying, "I lub you so much" in an about-to-burst-into-tears-any-moment tone of voice in three minutes tops.

Seriously. Is this normal?

Normal or not, I can't help but stand back and laugh sometimes.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Livin' It Up In Las Vegas

A quick recap of our quick trip:

The plane ride honestly couldn't have gone better. The baby carrier was a dream--I didn't even have to take it off when we went through security. Maggie was immensely entertained for a good portion of the flight with a roll of scotch tape I brought. Both Tinkerbell and Whya came along too, so she was also very entertained by her imaginary friends. Magson was just so chill! I didn't know babies came this mellow. He didn't cry once on the flight.

After we arrived, we checked into our hotel and immediately went swimming.

A picture of Magson in his size 12 month swim suit. I didn't know babies came this big, either!
Magson hangin' with Grandma at the hotel. It was so nice and relaxing!

Magson was also quite the water baby. He actually fell asleep moments after this picture was taken.

I was so proud of Maggie for jumping to Grandma and me in the water!

The first picture in ages where I've caught her smiling!

The second picture in ages of her smiling. She must like Vegas! (She smiles all the time, just not when there's a camera in sight.)

Lovin' on Magson

Hittin' on Magson (Isn't this picture the funniest?)

Me packing the kids around...doesn't Liam look HEAVY? He is.

Magnet's lobster face

We finished off the trip with some night swimming! It was a great trip! We did exactly what we set out to do: swim in some heat, eat good eats, and enjoy each other.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Call Me Crazy...For Two Reasons

First, I'm flying solo with the kids (I love calling them "the kids") to Vegas on Monday morning only to return Wednesday morning. Yep, wish me luck because I'm very nervous. I've been practicing wearing Magson in a Mei Tai baby carrier so that I can have my hands free--one to hold Maggie's hand with and the other for a diaper bag and a "keep Maggie entertained" bag. I shouldn't be that nervous, though, because I sent Magnet, who left this morning, with our suitcase full of stuff and the car seats (we happen to have two sets of each thanks to some sweet garage sale finds). He kissed me goodbye after pulling out all our junk from the trunk and said sarcastically (with love, of course), "And I thought you had the hard part."

Anyway, this fun trip is thanks to my awesome inlaws who invited us to tag along to a flower convention. Oh, how I'm yearning for some sunshine in a way that I've never yearned before! Granted, I'm hopping from 60-degree weather to 100+ degree weather, but I'm willing to bake in a sauna for a day; I think it'll be steaming fun...haha. And hopefully it'll help me appreciate the pleasant weather we have here in WA.

Speaking of hot, summer weather, Maggie is a summer girl...she just is. Her birthday is in the summer; she gets to hang out with Magnet's side of the fam on Mason Lake in the summer; her Germany aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa usually come visit her in the summer. Summer is just where it's at, so much so that she asks me nearly everyday if it's summer yet. Well, when she asked me today if it was summer, I had to think--"Wait. Yes! It is summer! Today is the first day of summer!" I told her, proud of myself for noticing since there aren't too many clues. She looked outside and said, "Where is it, Mommy? Where's summer?" Beats me.

The second reason to call me crazy is because I'm thinking about doing away with hair washing. Hear me out! When I went to get my hair cut a few weeks ago, I apologized to my lovely hair dresser (Thanks again, Melissa--that was probably the best haircut I've gotten in well, forever.) for having one-day dirty hair. And to that she, the girl whose hair is always, always awesome- looking, said "Oh, I don't care. I haven't washed my hair in six months." SIX MONTHS!? What? I immediately inspected her hair. Nope, sure didn't look greasy. So, I grilled her with questions and found out that she did away with washing her hair, but conditions it everyday. She said that the first week was a little itchy and uncomfortable but that her head adjusted, which I can totally believe because I actually only wash my hair every fourth day. My hair has just managed to go longer and longer without needing it.

Anyway, isn't that crazy? I think it's crazy. But she has this book that says washing your hair is bad for it (I should find out the name of the book) and so yeah, I think I'm gonna try it. I'm on day six right now, and honestly, I felt a little greasy for the first time today, so we'll see if my head adjusts or whatever. But Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair (wink, wink, Lauren) and I'll try about anything to make my hair look more like a Disney princess'.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Who's Whya?

For about a week now Isabella has been talking to and about this something or someone named Whya or Hiya or something! I've been trying to figure it out, assuming that one of these days it would click. Well, it just hasn't clicked. I'm quite certain we know nobody by the name of Whya. So tonight as we were watering the flowers out front I decided to do some detective work.

Bella: I need to go inside, Mommy. I hear music. I think it's Whya.
Me: What?
Bella: I think I hear Whya inside. I need to check and see if she's in the office.
Me: But who's Hiya?
Bella: Whya's kinda like a princess.
Me: Where did you meet her?
Bella: In Germany.
Me: What color are her eyes?
Bella: White with a little bit of blue--no she just has blue eyes.
Me: How old is she?
Bella: Two and a half--I need to go check and see if she's in the office. I think I hear her!

Honestly, I think it's absolutely adorable that Isabella has an imaginary friend. I think it's so wonderful in so many ways. For one thing, it means her imagination is soaring! I love how she didn't give her imaginary friend a normal name like Sallie or Jamie. She totally created the name Whya...who knows if I'm spelling it right! I just think it's so cool, but it does make me wonder. Why does she feel the need to have an imaginary friend? Do I not get her out enough? Do I not get down and play with her enough? It's actually got my mind spinning with questions. I want to look into this imaginary friend stuff. But anyway, I'm definitely enjoying it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008



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