Saturday, June 21, 2008

Call Me Crazy...For Two Reasons

First, I'm flying solo with the kids (I love calling them "the kids") to Vegas on Monday morning only to return Wednesday morning. Yep, wish me luck because I'm very nervous. I've been practicing wearing Magson in a Mei Tai baby carrier so that I can have my hands free--one to hold Maggie's hand with and the other for a diaper bag and a "keep Maggie entertained" bag. I shouldn't be that nervous, though, because I sent Magnet, who left this morning, with our suitcase full of stuff and the car seats (we happen to have two sets of each thanks to some sweet garage sale finds). He kissed me goodbye after pulling out all our junk from the trunk and said sarcastically (with love, of course), "And I thought you had the hard part."

Anyway, this fun trip is thanks to my awesome inlaws who invited us to tag along to a flower convention. Oh, how I'm yearning for some sunshine in a way that I've never yearned before! Granted, I'm hopping from 60-degree weather to 100+ degree weather, but I'm willing to bake in a sauna for a day; I think it'll be steaming fun...haha. And hopefully it'll help me appreciate the pleasant weather we have here in WA.

Speaking of hot, summer weather, Maggie is a summer girl...she just is. Her birthday is in the summer; she gets to hang out with Magnet's side of the fam on Mason Lake in the summer; her Germany aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa usually come visit her in the summer. Summer is just where it's at, so much so that she asks me nearly everyday if it's summer yet. Well, when she asked me today if it was summer, I had to think--"Wait. Yes! It is summer! Today is the first day of summer!" I told her, proud of myself for noticing since there aren't too many clues. She looked outside and said, "Where is it, Mommy? Where's summer?" Beats me.

The second reason to call me crazy is because I'm thinking about doing away with hair washing. Hear me out! When I went to get my hair cut a few weeks ago, I apologized to my lovely hair dresser (Thanks again, Melissa--that was probably the best haircut I've gotten in well, forever.) for having one-day dirty hair. And to that she, the girl whose hair is always, always awesome- looking, said "Oh, I don't care. I haven't washed my hair in six months." SIX MONTHS!? What? I immediately inspected her hair. Nope, sure didn't look greasy. So, I grilled her with questions and found out that she did away with washing her hair, but conditions it everyday. She said that the first week was a little itchy and uncomfortable but that her head adjusted, which I can totally believe because I actually only wash my hair every fourth day. My hair has just managed to go longer and longer without needing it.

Anyway, isn't that crazy? I think it's crazy. But she has this book that says washing your hair is bad for it (I should find out the name of the book) and so yeah, I think I'm gonna try it. I'm on day six right now, and honestly, I felt a little greasy for the first time today, so we'll see if my head adjusts or whatever. But Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair (wink, wink, Lauren) and I'll try about anything to make my hair look more like a Disney princess'.


  1. I love that! "Where's summer?" What a perceptive child.
    Have fun in Vegas. We were happy with how much we found to do with our kids there. I highly recommend the Lion Habitat at the MGM (it's free). If you go when they are changing the lions at about 11:00 or 4:00, you can watch the trainers doing their work with them. Also, Mandalay Bay has a really neat Shark Reef. It's more expensive (I think $16 for you and your kids would be free), but it's really good. Oh, and the M&M store is just down the street from MGM and is lots of fun too. Have fun!

  2. PS And of course, good luck on the plane ride! I hope the carrier helps.

  3. I have never heard of that non- hair washing trick! I usually wash mine every two days, but wow, six months! That's truly amazing. I always wondered how people way back before shampoo, like the early Native Americans or Amazon tribes did without it. Now I know. Our modern times have adapted us to needing the unnecessaries!

  4. I totally understand the nervous anticipation of flying with your child alone. Actually, John has only been on one flight with Miles and me. Two weeks ago I was flying from SLC to SFO with Miles to visit my parents. We boarded the flight on time (yeah) and then heard that really bad fog had just rolled into San Francisco and there would be a 2 hour delay. What was I going to do with Miles while we waited on the plane (because they wouldn't let us get off and then get back on) for two hours?? Two hours turned into three hours and by the time we arrived in San Francisco we had been on the plane for almost five hours (it's a 1 hour 30 min flight). It was about 2am and I was pushing Miles in the stroller at the SFO airport almost ready to cry and then thought, "Wendy, you made it. If there was ever a time to cry it was on the plane so snap out of it!" Oh, it was a crazy night. But we survived it and I know you'll do fine too.

  5. I get so nervous flying with just Shanna! I can't even imagine 2 kids..Thats fun to say "the kids" you are too cute! Let me know how the not washing your hair turns out!

  6. p.s. I love calling them "the kids" too. It makes me really sound like a mom and makes me sound really busy too :)

  7. wow that's crazy about the hair thing. let me know how that goes. I can't see that working for myself. I hope your trip goes well! I don't know how I ever lived in 100+ temperatures. It's been really hot here the last week. Anyway, call me when you're back from your trip, then you can give me tips for our 12 hour car ride trip coming up :)




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