Monday, June 16, 2008

Who's Whya?

For about a week now Isabella has been talking to and about this something or someone named Whya or Hiya or something! I've been trying to figure it out, assuming that one of these days it would click. Well, it just hasn't clicked. I'm quite certain we know nobody by the name of Whya. So tonight as we were watering the flowers out front I decided to do some detective work.

Bella: I need to go inside, Mommy. I hear music. I think it's Whya.
Me: What?
Bella: I think I hear Whya inside. I need to check and see if she's in the office.
Me: But who's Hiya?
Bella: Whya's kinda like a princess.
Me: Where did you meet her?
Bella: In Germany.
Me: What color are her eyes?
Bella: White with a little bit of blue--no she just has blue eyes.
Me: How old is she?
Bella: Two and a half--I need to go check and see if she's in the office. I think I hear her!

Honestly, I think it's absolutely adorable that Isabella has an imaginary friend. I think it's so wonderful in so many ways. For one thing, it means her imagination is soaring! I love how she didn't give her imaginary friend a normal name like Sallie or Jamie. She totally created the name Whya...who knows if I'm spelling it right! I just think it's so cool, but it does make me wonder. Why does she feel the need to have an imaginary friend? Do I not get her out enough? Do I not get down and play with her enough? It's actually got my mind spinning with questions. I want to look into this imaginary friend stuff. But anyway, I'm definitely enjoying it!


  1. That is so stinkin cute! None of mine have ever done the imaginary friend thing and I have actually had my mind spin over that the same way as yours does... things like, "Am I not helping them with their imagination enough?" "Am I too strict with the rules?" and all of those type of things... funny, I guess we are all close to the same boats even though we have different circumstances.

  2. Too funny. You are such a better mom than me! Lorenzo had a little friend, Annie, for awhile. But, it got a bit outta hand- she was everywhere all the time and i started freaking out that something must be wrong :) So, I am gonna chill out with the next imaginary friend that comes along... cause, you're right, it's just a little kids mind at work. You're fabulous, and I love how stinkin cute your little fam is!

  3. So, I just realized that both of your comments say 'stinking cute'. I really need to expand my vocabulary... before I copy other people's :)

  4. When Hana was little she had an imaginary friend that she named Snowman. Snowman went everywhere with us. We buckled him in the car, grocery shopping, tucking in bed. It got so "real" that I too got a little concerned and asked her very seriously and anticipating going to a therapist soon.... "Hana, honey do you really see somewhere there?" her response "Mom, he is just imaginary". I relaxed after that and soon, Snowman brought his sister, shoot her name escapes me and then they went away. Thanks for letting me remember that special memory :0 Enjoy Whya!

  5. Well, can't say we've ever had that one come around our house. Usually I can relate somehow or another to situations with toddlers, but you've got me stumped on this one! I would just let her have fun with it and she will grow out of it sooner or later. I think it's really cute too. :)Don't worry.

  6. cute - and yes, where did she come up with that name? As for your concerns: don't be concerned. the little girl I took care of as a nanny had several imaginary friends and her mom was concerned so therefore had play dates with "real" friends all the time. Well, the IFs played right there with them. To the child, they are as real as real can be. My niece had 2 imaginary husbands named VikyWeeder and Kallater. NO idea where she got those names. Anyway, she had them for about 2 years before she grew out of that. Anyway she is now a very normal and VERY social 15 year old! It will be fun for you to hear their conversations! Have you ever seen "Drop Dead Fred"? VERY funny movie about IFs. BTW, LOVE the pics on the sidebar!!

  7. i think it's great! i once woke up at my sister's house seeing her little boy talking to no one, walking backwards like something was tied around his waist, saying, "hey, let go of me! I have to go rescue the lost boys!"

    Imaginations are wonderful!

  8. oh, and i LOVE the new picture of Liam on the side of your blog. he's soooooo big! =)




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