Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brave Girl

All in one day Maggie tried three new things:

First, she actually ran through our backyard sprinklers (instead of prancing around them). Later on at the park she let me push her high on the swing as she leaned way back and looked up at the sky with her arms locked straight. I was so worried she was going lose her grip and land flat on her back in the beauty bark, but no, she held on strong, and after some serious swinging, she asked me to spin her. It took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about, but I caught on. I wound up the swing about eight times around and then let her loose. She was so dizzy, she really did face plant into the beauty bark when she tried to walk, but she laughed and loved it. It's so, so fun watching her get adventurous.

1 comment:

  1. That's SO cute! She is a brave little girl. Isn't it crazy that last summer our girlies had to ride in the baby swings? I'm not sure I'm ready for the real swings...but Addy sure is. She loves going high too! I wish they could just play at the park together! Addy has yet to run through the sprinklers though, it was scary enough for her to ride her bike through them.




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