Monday, July 21, 2008

"I'd Rather Clean My House...

"... than go camping." Those were my exact words to Magnet as we scrambled to get ready for the one-nighter. That's really how I feel about it, but I have to admit that we had a great time camping with a few friends from church this past weekend. The people you're with and the weather make all the difference, I tell ya.

At the very least, I usually come away from a camping trip with a few laughs. It makes me laugh to think how much I freaked out when I realized that for the first time in my camping career, I was responsible for the food for my family; I was completely in charge. Yikes. I have a hard enough time getting things cookin' in my own kitchen, let alone out in the wild.
So, with reluctant gusto, I set out to make my first ever tin foil dinners. I realized how ignorant I was when my sweet friend Claire was giving me last-minute instructions over the phone on the art of the "tin-din," as she phrased them. When she warned me that they were going to take a while to cook because the coals have to be hot, I panicked. "Wait. Do I need to bring coals?" was my immediate question. I had no time for a trip to the coal store. She assured me that I did not need to go buy coals. Whew.

There were my amused giggles as I watched Magnet set up the Gross Schloss aka our tent. (Schloss means castle, in German). We borrowed all of our camping gear from Magnet's parents. Well, they bought the supersize me version of a tent, and it fits at least 12 people. It was quite plush for the four of us. No complaints there, other than we almost didn't fit into our camp site.

There were chuckles all around when I asked if the briquette heater was a dutch oven. I went to Girl's Camp almost every year and have never seen a dutch oven in my life, or a briquette heater for that matter.

The best part was watching Maggie run around. She had such a great time making S'mores, chasing the boys and making new friends with some of the sweetest kids.

Give me a year and I might be ready to do it again.
(And you better believe I won't be forgetting the flashlights next time. )


  1. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun! And don't feel too bad...although I do know what a dutch oven is, i've never seen (or heard of) a briquette heater.

  2. Yay for camping! I'll be hitting the mountain with my fam this weekend (where I've warned Colby that HE will be doing all of the cooking, unless he wants PB&J's for every meal!) And thanks for the reminder--I'll now add flashlights to my list! How did we reach 'womanhood' without learning how to camp??! We must not let our daughters suffer the same fate! Their future is in our hands!

  3. Wow Marie. I thought my mom was the only one that ignorant about camping! J/K! You made me laugh really hard though. :) Glad you figured it all out and you didn't try cooking something in the Briquette heater. :)

  4. SO FUNNY!!! I'm laughing my head off right now! We were invited on a camping trip only a few weeks ago...yep, we didn't go. I thought, no way with two babies that don't want to be held all of the time but can't walk and get around. Not worth all the work! I must say, I'm super proud of you. Way to be a trooper. Glad that Claire could help you get yourself all geared up with your "tin-dins"!

  5. Good job! I'm impressed you did it. I don't think I would right now. And that tent really was huge, you weren't kidding!!!
    I know, it's crazy that camping was fun as a child, but with all the preparation involved, is it always worth it? Well I'm glad you had fun!! And I'm glad the tin dins were good, hope they were worth the wait. Did you end up eating all of them? Didn't I tell ya by the time they're done cooking you're so starving that you're glad you made a big one?

  6. thanks for the laugh - I am glad I am not the only one who is camp-illiterate. I know the basics - but that's it. I would be the same way about the food. Even in YW presidencies, I was never in charge of the food for Girls' Camp. I would never know where to even start - although s'mores would be on the list. i know those. Glad you had fun though!! That's what matters!

  7. personally, I can't stand camping. Nothing like sleeping/not sleeping with your kids in the cold on the ground. Not my idea of a vacation. day trip, okay, but that's it!

  8. Good for you for giving it a try!

    I did laugh too :)
    We love camping but it is a lot of work to get ready and organized for THE event, then everyting smells like campfire when you get more work washing. I think the pros out way the cons and the memories are fun. Again I think it is great you tried something out of your comfort zone oh and no reason why you are in charge of all the cooking. Get Will in there too

  9. I actually enjoy camping...However I have never attempted it with a child...Yeah that freaks me out a little. But it sounds like Bella had a blast. Maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing ever?!

  10. Haha! Love that you were thinking you had to go to the coal store! Camping is one of those things that I really like when I'm there but I am always so reluctant to actually get there. Especially as the mom, I'm sure it's A LOT of work.




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