Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blog Brain Syndrome

The clock will strike twelve in 22 minutes--my new official bedtime (OR ELSE...)-- that is, if I decide to ignore my relentless blog devil who's ever tempting me to stay up for ten more minutes.

The old me used to go to bed at 10pm, no later. I would yearn for bedtime. I couldn't wait to get there. But all that's changed. Now I'm fighting it off as though it's this greusome thing I have to do every. single. day. To sleep--what a torturous waste of blog time!

If only I could stay awake all night long and read all my favorite blogs without any interruptions, and toy with my blog layout, and best-of-all, spit out all the blog post ideas that clutter my brain--my blog brain. Sadly, to bask in such luxury sounds more appealing than a vacation--almost. Thank goodness I'd rather go on our vacation to Hawaii next month than stay up all night long blogging. (I'm so relieved to honestly feel that way, otherwise I'd be admitting myself into the nearest Blogger Correctional Facility first thing in the morning--after my all-nighter in the blogosphere, of course.)

The information feeding into my new mind must go through a blog filter. Before it ever really settles into my brain I ask myself (somewhat subconsciously), "Does what I'm seeing/hearing/touching/feeling/smelling have the potential to be blogged about? If the answer is yes, then somehow my usual poor-memory-of-a-brain miraculously remembers it. If the answer is no, whatever it was goes into the garbage bin, forgotten.

And there you have the new me, 41 minutes past my midnight curfew, and finally signing off. Good night, dear blog. I'll see you in my dreams...


  1. cute, and so true, i do that with my pictures, i take it and think is this blog worthy? most aren't but then again all i need is one :).




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