Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In the Backyard, My Dream Backyard

You'll catch me daydreaming about many things, but what my dream backyard might look like hasn't stolen my imagination. Yet. The only thing I know at this precise moment about my dream backyard (at least this is how I think I feel about it) is that if it is perfect and dreamy, it will take little work and upkeep from me. That said, I will probably never have my dream backyard.

After a few minutes of pondering, I picture it being a secret garden of sorts, big enough to go exploring in but small enough to feel safe and enclosed in the comforts of nature. Rolly pollies and stampedes of aunts live there. Butterflies soar and garden snakes slither. You'll hear crickets chirp there at night.

In the dead center of this backyard is a tree with low branches that spread wide enough to look like a family geneology diagram. You'll find children of all ages monkeying and flipping and swinging and climbing that tree, all of them smiling. It is a tree filled to the brim with life.

It will be a place where memories are made, where sister pictures are taken, where back handsprings are flipped and duck-duck-goose is played. It will have a hill for log-rolling and grass stain contests, and a teepee to hide out in. I envision lots of family picnics and parties take place there, with all the accents--blankets, tablecloths, paper cups--hued in red.

In the back there will be a garden with all my favorite foods: strawberries and onions and tomatoes and grapes. A permanent grandpa resides in the garden, guiding small people through, helping them find the ripe ones.

Come to think of it, this dream backyard of mine isn't as plush as I initially thought it might be. At first, I thought it would have a swimming pool and a tennis court on the waterfront, but the more I contemplated and created this dreamy personal outdoor space, the quicker it became the favorite backyard of my childhood, my grandparents' backyard--the yard where some of my happiest backyard memories were made.


  1. i want to go magically!

  2. i ment magical! :) mama's getting tired!!




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