Monday, August 25, 2008

On the Inside

Socially, I've spent most of my life on the inside. But I've never been the one standing in the dead center of a room with everyone miming me. (Thank goodness!) I've always been close enough to the rim of the room; close enough to peer through the window and notice those standing on the outside, often in the cold.

I notice those on the outside, say a kind word or two, smile at them, and befriend them from time to time, but I want to make a greater effort to reach out to those who've had the door slammed on them.

As an adult I don't see snobbishness and clicks like I did in high school. I wish I would have felt as strongly about this then. I wish in high school I would have grabbed outsiders by the hand and brought them inside, included them--all of them. Better yet, I can think of so many instances when I should have joined them, stepped outside. I should have stood alone for what I believed in more often, even if that meant leaving the room.

I look up to my little sister Emma in this respect. She is a leader, someone people flock to. Some actually do mime her, and it drives her crazy! She captures all eyes, all ears, and hearts of all ages. But she doesn't just stand there like statue, letting people worship her; she moves around, leaves the room and embraces those who are different than her. She loves all people, even those standing on the outside. (It helps that she's a hypersocial, as my mom defines it.)

I must remind myself that being on the inside isn't just a high school predicament. Everyone wants to belong, but sometimes we need to have the confidence and strength to leave the world and stand on the outside, alone. We need to remember that whatever our status or standing might be and no matter how many ways we're outsiders, we're all insider's in God's view. We're all inside His family.


  1. beautifully said, and inspiring, we are all connected and to recognize that connection in one another is when we are closest to our Father in Heaven (my take on things anyways :)).




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