Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Parties in Review

The Family Party:
We had a family party for Maggie on Wednesday--her actual birthday. I was thanking my lucky stars that she requested pizza for her birthday dinner and all I had to do was dial up Papa Murphy. Aunt Muriel brought her famous layered salad, Grandma Gross brought a delish fruit salad and Aunt Julie brought pink icecream (another one of Maggie's requests) to go along with the "princess" cake I made her. If you haven't had cherry chocolate chunk ice cream, you need to. It was heavenly.
It was so great to have so many loved-ones there to wish her a happy day. Thanks to you all, for being so sweet to my girl!
And a few cute ones of Magson for fun:

The Friend Party (dun dun dun dunnnnn):

Last week was possibly the busiest week of my life as a mother. There was hardly time to breath, so when Saturday rolled around (the day of the friend party) I'd done little to prepare! Friday night was spent baking cupcakes and cake and trying to crunch the details. You should've seen Saturday's to-do list. I was so stumped as to what to do for party favors. I'm positive I made everything more difficult than it needed to be. Dead positive. Next year I'm going to be a new woman in the hostess arena. I'm so sorry to those of you who came to the party and noticed my frazzledness! It really will be better next year. I'm new at this birthday bash stuff.

I woke up early Saturday morning and made her princess crown cake and more cupcakes. We invited like 14 families to this thing. Maggie has been blessed with so many adorable friends! Then I left my disasterous kitchen and scrambled out the door to go to Costco to buy bananas and strawberries and some other things for the ice cream sundaes. After Costco, off to the dollar store I went, on the hunt for some party favors and water balloons.

I didn't find much worth buying at the dollar store, so I headed to Flowers to Go where I had one of the flower girls fill some birthday balloons with helium. Then and there I decided that I would tie goody bags to the bottoms of the balloons and have those be my party favors. Insert sigh of relief here, clocks still ticking...and off to Wal-mart I go, still on the hunt for some bleepin' water balloons. I have just over two hours until the party begins.

Sidenote: There was a heat advisory issued until 10pm that day and most of us Washingtonians don't have AC, so my stress plus the heat made me feel like I was on the verge of a fatal heart attack. Magson, who is normally quiet and content as can be, was crying constantly because he was just so uncomfortable. He hardly got a wink of sleep in the entire day. (PS--carrying around a crying baby in the heat, as stressed as I was, was not fun.)

The plan had been to have the party at the park, but it was just too hot and unshaded with no access to water for the sprinklers and water balloons that we wanted to do. Magnet looked into this minor detail (whether there was access to water at the park) while I was off shopping--certainly something we should have investigated long before the invitations were mailed, don't ya think?

Sooooo, when I got home about two hours before the party was to start, I looked at my wreck of a house and then at Magnet and asked, "Should we just have it here?" We unanimously agreed that our partly shaded yard and hose and sprinkler were enough reason to scramble and get the house clean and send the guests to our house instead.

I put Magnet on duty to fill water balloons. I cleaned and tried not to act on my scatterbrained impulses. Tried to calmly (breath in, breath out) do the rest of what needed to be done--make party favors, frost cupcakes, nurse Magson, get Maggie's hair done, find her swimsuit bottoms, clean, clean, clean...

Somewhere in there I realized I forgot to buy cups! Luckily, my sweet mother-in-law ran to the store for us. Eeek, I can't believe how unprepared I was! It's kind of embarrassing.

Alas, people came and the house was clean and everything that needed to be done by some miracle was completed. Maggie was so cute with her friends and I think people had a decent time. My heart races a little faster just thinking of what my self-inflicted stress did to me, but I also look back and feel like it was worth it because we were celebrating Maggie, my beautiful three-year-old!!

Oh, and our battery charger for our camera decided to malfunction that day, so I need to get pictures from Rise (pronounced Risa)...so, friend party pictures, COMING SOON.

And one more thing, thank you, thank you to all who did come and help us celebrate. It meant a lot to us and to Maggie. She was so happy having all her special friends at her house at the same time!


  1. I'm sure Bella will love reading this when she's older, seeing how hard you worked to do something that would make her happy!! Good job. I can imagine that stress. I've felt that stress. :)

  2. Oh, and I love the cake. And Liam. And Isabella's dress. :)

  3. I never would have guessed that you were so frazzled!!! You were awesome, the house looked great, and I know all the kids had a fabulous time. I know I did - sitting in your shade was the best part of my day!! (The super yummy ice cream didn't hurt either!)

  4. i know...who knew it takes soo much work to put on a party for children under FIVE! sounds like an awesome bash, you are a good mama!

  5. Happy Birthday Bella. The cake looks really nice. I am sure everyone especially Bella had the best birthday ever!

  6. how fun. Wish we could've been there! When Addy's birthday rolls around I'll be asking you for advice...if I even decide to do a friend party. Wow, I can't believe how many people you invited, including their whole families!! Impressive! I bet you're glad it's over and can breath normally now. Glad it went well though and that Bella is officially 3 now, princess party and all! How cute!
    p.s. The cake looked awesome!

  7. Whew! I am tired after reading that!

    Happy birthday Bella! It sounds like your parties were fantastic.




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