Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yet to Happen

All the things I want to accomplish, but that have yet to happen, have consumed my thoughts lately. I watch the Olympics and suddenly want to compete in them. I see a beautiful photograph, and I want to be a photographer. I watch the movie Music and Lyrics with cute Drew Barrymore, and I want to be a songwriter. I watch a dancer gracefully flit across a stage and I wish I would have been a dancer instead of a gymnast.

And then there are things that I'm surpised I take interest in, like cooking and baking, for example. I was the one in college who didn't know how to brown beef--the one who would stuff sticks of butter into measuring cups and get frustrated with the messiness of it all. I preferred to "make" cereal for breakfast, microwave quesadillas for lunch, and eat sandwiches for dinner rather than spice up my menu and learn how to cook. But now that I'm responsible for my family's menu, I've taken on the chore of cooking, and shockingly, I kind of enjoy it. Passionate about it? Nooo. Interested? Yes. So maybe on the road to accomplish my "yet to happen" list, I'll discover more things I'll want to make happen.

So, I'm not going to wish I had been a dancer instead of a gymnast because I loved gymnastics. It absolutely consumed me for a huge chunk of my growing-up years. And I'm not going to box myself into the role of stay-at-home mom who loves to read and write. Maybe I can't do it all, all at once, but I can do it all. I have a lifetime to learn new things, and if I run out of time, then I have the eternities.

So, here's a few things on my "yet to happen" list:

ballroom dancer
people photographer
lyrical dancer
cake decorator
interior designer
mom athlete
song writer
magazine editor
business owner

Here's to becoming everything!


  1. LOVE IT!! we all need to make such a list.

  2. I'm always thinking about what I'm going to do with my life once my kids are grown...my list grows longer every week it seems!

    I love this blog. You are a truly taleted writer!

  3. Awwwh Marie! I love this blog! I remember going to your gymnastic performances in Mannheim and just drooling over it all. I remember you winning an overall gold medal. I was so proud to call you my friend. You were in like fifth grade or something, but that memory stuck in my mind like glue! You're really an amazing person. I also remember you flying up into the air at BYU-I. So cool! I always wished I could do that.

    Besides that, I love the imagry in these posts! Keep it up. :)

  4. Perfect attitude! I think that's the way we're meant to feel--hopeful and optimistic and boundlessly ambitious.




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