Monday, September 1, 2008

“…And Her Red Hair Lit the Wall” –Victor Hugo

The new kid felt dizzy as he took in his ominous surroundings. It was his first dance at his new high school, and his jittery nerves and heightened awareness of his aloneness was making him feel as though he might black out. Now more than ever he wished he’d found a date. While it might have been torturous for him to actually vocalize the words, “Will you go to Winter Ball with me?” to a random attractive female stranger, surely it would have been worth it now as he stood singular beneath the flashing lights.

He felt the pounding music in his veins, and he felt all the eyes that were surely astonished at his bravery, coming to the social event of the season, alone. Could his desperation for some social interaction be more pitifully obvious, he wondered. It made those who noticed him uncomfortable.

He could at least stand against the wall and try to blend in, some of his peers whispered to one another, incredulously.

It was as though he could hear what they were saying. From his spot in the middle of the dance floor where he was both deliberately and unsuccessfully nodding his head and tapping is foot to the music, he looked up at the wall flowers sitting around pretending to enjoy themselves watch everyone else rock out. They were in a better place than he, he admitted to himself, sadly. He decided to give up trying to dance his way into the circle and join them, the wall flowers.

About then is when he noticed her, the girl he immediately recognized as the one he should have asked to be his date. If only he’d seen her sooner. But it wasn’t too late, he realized. He was alone; she was alone. And her red hair lit the wall.

He walked toward her, feeling her fiery glow warm him the closer he got. The warmth first penetrated his heart and then pumped through his then-tense veins throughout the rest of his body, calming him.

His uptight demeanor continued to relax the closer he got to her, his awkward gait transforming into a confident stride.

Once again, people couldn’t help but notice him, but this time for opposite reasons. Where did this confident guy come from? Who’s his lucky date?

The red-head didn’t give much notice at first, assuming the handsome and mysterious boy was coming to ask one of the prettier girls around her to dance. But to her pleased astonishment, this prince charming of sorts took her hand and led her to the dance floor.

All previous awkwardness that moments before orbited this lonely boy and this shy girl faded as the two sinuously took the dance floor. Their audience watched in jealous awe at the transformation.


  1. That was beautiful. Really fluid writing, therefore fluid to read! I found myself wondering what happens next.

  2. so fun, i love it, it is such an awesome departure from routine day!!




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