Sunday, September 7, 2008

Welcome to {MAG GAB}

Hello there, let me explain how I came up with MAG GAB. A lot of love went into its name--I love naming things.

Yes, MAG is my initials, but I've expanded the word "gab" to mean more than "to talk in a rapid or thoughtless manner," as Webster defines it. And while I know how to get my gab on--Webster style-- here at MAG GAB, g-a-b stands for growing and blooming. (Our family also has seven flower shops up here in the Pacific Northwest, so I thought the "growing and blooming" part was fitting--cheesy points for me.)

Anyway, here is where I document us! And by us, I mean me, my true love, and our three little ones. I never want to forget what yesterday felt like as we grow into our tomorrows.

That's it for introductions. Thanks for visiting!

♥ Marie



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