Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Daydream

I'm living a daydream here in Oahu. I've dreamed of taking the kids with us on a tropical vacation, dreamed of watching them frolic in the water. The satisfaction that it's brought me has surpassed my expectations.

I've loved watching Maggie tease the waves, getting dangerously close to being toppled and then scrambling up to dry land, laughing and squealing all the way. "You can't catch me," she seems to say with her feet.

I've been entertained by Magson's love for the water, too. Splashing and kicking and floating.

I'm living a daydream here on my vacation because aside from caring for my beautiful family, I don't have any responsibilities. My life's on a bit of hold--no appointments to schedule, house to clean, meals to cook. It's been such a welcome break from the day-to-day, and for that I'm ever thankful, for I've been looking forward to our week in Oahu for nearly a year now.

And now that I'm here, living that daydream--spending my spare minutes soaking up the sun and escaping in my novels and remembering the cramps that come with the art of longhand, my daydream has shifted.

Now I'm dreaming about what it might be like to live here. What would it be like to suggest that for family night we go surfing? What would it be like to take the sunshine for granted or maybe even wish for cold weather? Would I be mistaken for an islander with my dark hair and olive skin? What would it feel like to have my motherly ego regularly fed by the dominant Japanese tourists who pull my children aside to have their picture taken with them?

Would I like living here? Would I enjoy it as my permanent residence as much as I've loved it as a vacation spot? Has my vision of Hawaii been skewed by my picture-perfect resort experience? If I lived in Hawaii would I vacation to Seattle?

Would I mind having my blond and blue-eyed daughter be the minority? Would she get picked on? But all kids get picked on at some point in their lives. Being picked on builds character, right? I think that would be good for her.

Question after question seems to gradually squish my euphoric daydream and feed the reality of what it might be like to live in Oahu. In many ways, it would be much like the life I live here--church callings, errands, my hobbies, my family, new friends. But I can't deny that Hawaiian life would have more sunshine and "Alohas!"

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  1. i told you!! well actually i can't remember if i told you this or not but i do that ever time i am in hawaii, i think, ben could work at a gas station if he had too, and i could clean rich peoples houses, whatever as long as i could relax on a beautiful beach everyday!! it is AMAZING, glad i am not the only one :))!




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