Saturday, September 6, 2008

His Fragrance

To me, the fragrance of someone special is like air sprinkled with memories that seeps into your soul with a single breath.

There are few people who carry a tangible scent for me, few people whose smell makes me breathe into my heart instead of my lungs: There's my dad who always smells of Old Spice and Listerine, and there's my mom, whose naturally sweet smell is as light as a feather, yet nostalgically distinct.

As reminiscent as Mom and Dad's aroma's are, it's the fragrance of my baby that I'm quite addicted to. His fresh scent keeps me inhaling deeply whenever he's in my arms. I smell his cheeks as I gobble them. I smell just under his double chin as I kiss his neck and hope for a giggle that will give me a gust of his baby breath. I smell behind his ears as I nip at his lobes with my lips.

I exhale quickly so that I can inhale once more that fragrance, his sweet, infantine fragrance.


  1. i love the first line of this piece!! beautiful. i even love the smell of brookys toes!!

  2. I loved this! I'm currently in love with Aaron's neck. Thinking back a few years, my mom made a baby blanket for Kyle back when he was born and it smelled like her for weeks. I would hug it and feel like I was hugging her, or laying on her bed with her having a chat. What wonderful feelings can come from something like that! You, of course, put it in much better words than I can!




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