Saturday, September 20, 2008

Riding the Waves

The humid breeze blows against my suncscreened skin as I listen to the steady lap of waves mixed with the offbeat chime of my daughter laughing.

She rides the waves on the back of my husband, pretending he's a surfboard. As they wait for the next wave, I take a picture of her hugging his neck and smiling her biggest smile.

She runs to me and then back again into the water. A wave catches her off guard and twists and sucks her completely under. She comes up laughing and coughing and spitting.

"What do you think of the salt water?" I ask her.


"What do you think of the salt water?"

"I don't like it," she says with a grin.

Off she goes again.


  1. what a wonderful memory, it sort of makes me sad we aren't taking the boys...i said sort of :)!




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