Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Three things about Maggie first day of preschool:
  1. The hour between 9am and preschool's 10am start time was the slowest ticking of the day.
  2. She kept saying, "Is it time to go to high school yet?"--what??? NO!
  3. She came home and told me about her teacher--"I didn't have the bad teacher; I had the goooood teacher."

Other than me forgetting to bring my darling pupil's picture to insert behind her window in the paper preschool house where all the kids are supposed to check in, everything went great!


  1. i like the new look to the blog. and, i love her hair in that picture!

  2. She looks so cute and grown up! I'm glad she enjoyed school, I'm fearing those days!!

  3. Your blogs new look is great! Where do you find that stuff?
    I was just remembering Meghan's first day of school...so many years ago. It all goes by soooooo fast! As always, Bella is adorable!!

  4. WO! She's in school already!?!?

  5. It's just this joint preschool thing I do once a week for an hour and a half with a bunch of ladies from church. There's like eight kids in it and we rotate whose house it's at each week. Don't worry! She's not really in school yet! :)

  6. How fun to be in a preschool! And I just love her sweater, so cute.

  7. so cute and what a good idea to trade the "pre-school" stuff!! and I hate to tell you this, but high school really is just around the corner! aaaggghhhh!

  8. She looks so grown up w/ her backpack and all! Cute! Although I can't believe its cold enough there to wear a sweater, crazy. We're still sweatin through some pretty hot ones down here. I wanna wear sweaters!!!!!




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