Monday, September 22, 2008

Sinned In Sunshine

We arrived in Hawaii--the land of happiness and sunshine and never a glum face-- with me in grumpy spirits. For the first two days, I shamefully admit, I wasn't as talkative as normal and everything seemed to bug me. (I'll blame it on the long flight with two children, even though that's not much of an excuse since my kids were angels on the plane, and I'll also blame it on exhaustion from packing up the fam.)

Where were the housekeepers? Why did my husband need to take business calls? Why was the mediocre food so ridiculously overpriced? And why, oh, why was it raining? These things, and others that I don't care to mention, had me in a sour mood. Any and every imperfection on this island was magnified, and it took effort to smile, even though I was in paradise.

We're all thinking the same thing about now: What a brat!

I knew I was being a brat. I knew God's spirit wasn't with me, and yet I held to my misery for nearly two days. But alas, the Sabbath cured me because it reminded me that I was sinning and hurting myself and others by housing such a half-empty attitude, and it told me that I owed my family, my husband in particular, an apology.

I walked past Magnet in the kitchen that Sunday night; I hugged him from behind and apologized for being so grumpy. He had done a marvelous job of ignoring and still loving my off-self, and accepted the apology with a chuckle. Women and hormones and women! I could just hear him thinking.

And with those two words--"I'm sorry"--my heart was softened and my spirit was freed in an instant, and off I went smiling and living, feeling and loving every second of our one-of-a-kind vacation.


  1. Oh, I can so relate!!! I've had so many of those moments where I know I'm being a pill, but I just don't want to let go of my bad mood. What a relief it is to finally admit that the problem is (usually) mine and not everyone else's! I'm so glad you didn't let your vacation go down the tubes!! And aren't understanding hubby's the best?

  2. i am just coming out of the funky gloom that visits every month. oh when it lifts ever so slightyly the world is wonderful again. even in hawaii though?!....that right there should tell every male in the world that we truly can't control it, not even in paradise!!




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