Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something I'd Do Differently

Naturally, there are many things I'd do differently if I could press life's rewind button. There's the obvious and cliche do-overs like "live more in the moment" or "not care about what others think." And then there are the couldawouldashouldas singular to me, like how I wish I were fluent in German after spending a chunk--large chunk-- of my growing up years living auf Deutschland. If I were fluent in German I could bypass the following humiliating and recurring conversation:

"Hi, what's your name?"
"Where are you from?"
"Short answer: Heidelberg, Germany."
"Wow! So you speak German."
"Actually no, I don't. (So there! Have a bad first impression of me.)"

I'm omitting a lot of filler in that conversation. I have a memorized list of excuses that I stuff in to make myself feel better. Introductions are my life-long punishment for not speaking German when I should speak German.

And oh my, there's a fat stack of other slip ups, but I don't want to get into that tonight--the poor decisions I once made that if given the chance I'd do differently.

Instead, I'll tell you about how I wish I'd charged the portable DVD player before we boarded our five-hour flight home from vacation a few weeks ago.

I thought I was being supermom by not whipping it out before take off. My three-year-old can color and look out the window, and I can play tic-tac-toe a few more times before I stick her to the screen, I thought. I waited patiently until the complimentary beverage cart had served us, and waited longer still, until said three-year-old finished her cranberry juice--no need to spill juice on our borrowed life-saver.

I think we entertained her for a few hours before I gave Magnet the eye...

He got her all set up, over sized earphones resting perfectly in her little ears. She froze in place as not to knock them out. And then tragedy hit right where it hurts--the DVD player was dead, lifeless for my lively girl and useless for her worked Mama.

And so after some heartfelt wailing (on her part), I spent the next three hours watching in amazement as my girl entertained herself by sticking the magnetic pen of her mini etch-a-sketch into any hole she could find. I monitored her noise level. I took a stand when the captain said buckle up and the flight attendants said stay seated and had Magnet jet her to the bathroom because she was doing her emergency potty wiggle, all the result of her drinking more than she would had she been watching Care Bears.

As good as she was, our air time could have been much more relaxing if I'd just charged the DVD player!

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  1. Thanks for this. We are flying to Idaho next week, only an hour and a half. But, I am sure you know with two kids it can seem a lot longer. We will be charging up.=) How great that she entertained herself for so long. It ALMOST makes me feel guilty to bring it when Hailey could be learning many new things. Ah, well, I guess I'll get over it.




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