Thursday, October 23, 2008

C is for Crazy

Ok, I'm off my alphabet kick, I think--unless I can't help myself, and then you might have to suffer all the way through letter Z...we'll see.

I didn't plan for this craziness, it just happened, which isn't hard when you have a three-year-old--my three-year-old--involved. My big idea was for her to look through the frame without her jacket on (she's got a really cute shirt on under there), but she wasn't having any of that. Magson's hat, the glasses (upside down) and the shoes (backwards, but I guess you can't see those) were all her doing. Crazy cat, she is. She can get away with about anything if it means I get to take her picture.

Another crazy thing about this shoot was that I came back to our car and my keys were in the door! I guess a little crazy-crazy runs in the family.


  1. very cute!! love the frame idea :)! also i have been meaning to email you to tell you can down load a free trial period of adobe photoshop elements 6 i believe. i think it is for a few weeks or even a month, so check out that if you want to try it out for a test run!!

  2. I love the idea! And the second two are really adorable--my favorites for sure.

  3. So fun! What a cutie - I love seeing her personality! And I hadn't even noticed the alphabet theme. Show's you how much I'm paying attention!!

  4. Okay, has anyone told you she looks like a young Dakota Fanning?

  5. YES, actually! My family always tell me that. :) Cute Dakota Fanning. I love that girl. :)




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