Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Peering through my camera's lens
I frame a hiding face:
A scrunched nose pokes through
Her webbed hands, a girlish lace.
I break her cover to reveal
Pouty lips that I adore.
"No pictures!" she pleads through giggles
As I poke her for one more.
I pause and fancy her camera--
Soft lids on her almond shutter,
And aqua irises focusing purely
On images clicked midst her flutter.IMG_3180(b2)
I hope she captures life's delights:
Imagined friends asleep in her closet,
Dressing up, dancing and tea parties;
Bright-hued paint on her youth's palette.
Someday she'll hold my perishable prints
To her heart, picture against picture;
I worry she'll scold me warmly and say,
"More photos of us would have been better."
Yet I pray she'll cherish these portraits;
Not see in them a mother not there,
But instead see in the numberless prints
Me and my love for her--


  1. BEAUTIFUL marie, i want a copy of that. seriously it makes me cry, because i worry all of the time that my kids will think of me absent because i am always behind a lens, instead of center stage with them infront of the camera. my intention is in your words. i really do want a copy!!

  2. I do too! That poem is so poignant and really echoes things I've felt, too, from behind my own 50mm....but then I also think it's really kind of a happy poem, too, because of the way I think our kids take mental pictures of us and store them for future reference. I love it. Oh, I love your photography, I love your words, I love YOU!! :)

  3. That made me tear up a little...you are so sweet that's it's almost not fair! Thanks for writing and posting pics...I look forward to your posts!

  4. Beautiful! You behind the lens is where mom usually is in the grand scheme of life, motherhood, and childhood anyway. Aren't kids supposed to be the center of their universe with mom unassumingly in the wings to help encourage, comfort, guide, and inspire, watching to capture the magic of childhood?

  5. Wow!! You should be writing children's books, then I can say I knew you before you were famous...in the good ol' Ricks days!=) Oh yeah, Bella is pretty cute too.

  6. Marie,
    I so enjoyed reading...it was very beautiful, sweet tribute to Bella. You should make a copy of that for in a special place. I am sure you already have!

  7. Yea! I love that you posted this poem with some really beautiful pictures of Belle! How amazing!! Your words are so beautiful and full of love. Your kids are certainly lucky to have such a wonderfully talented mommy! :)

  8. you are such a great mom. i like how you write about your children.




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