Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grandma's Secret Garden

I'm still learning away with my camera. I'm strictly shooting in manual mode and making mega mistakes, but loving the process. With my last few batches of pictures, including this batch, I've had some focusing problems among other things, but I think (hope!) I'm starting to figure things out. Still, I can't help but post my faves and take you on this photo journey with me. I'm partial to these two angels, and I absolutely loved capturing the...


and make-beliving found in Grandma's Secret Garden.


  1. Beautiful...you need to publish a quiet moments picture book. BTW is that Buddy I see? Rise looks great too. I sure miss everyone.

  2. Bella and Rise look so precious together in these pictures! I love how you're creating awesome things to photograph. What you're putting up looks really spectacular so you should be proud! Aren't you glad you don't have to develop these pictures to see how they turn out??

  3. What a beautiful photo session.I love to see everyone's personal style come out in photography. Here is a website of one of my good friends here in Utah. She does child and infant photography and runs a buisness out of her home. She does quite well actually! http://michelereyes.com/mrphotography/Home.html

    If you can do the bow-tying thing online, like a step-by-step tutorial on your blog or something, I'd love to learn how! I have some friends in my ward that run a bow business and I've bought a bunch from them, but I actually have been meaning to learn to do it myself!

  4. So cute! For just starting you are doing an awesome job! I love looking at your pictures.

  5. I love these. Such sweet pictures of grandma and granddaughter!! I think I want to spend time in grandma's garden - it is beautiful there!!




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